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The ROSETTA CLONE: International Rock Star...Celebrity Impersonator

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a   m y s t e r i o u s   i n t e r n a t i o n a l   t r e a s u r e

Experts inspecting the Rosetta Stone during the International Congress of Orientalists,1874

Digital, Full-size, 3D Holographic Image of the Iconic Rosetta Stone


   Dr. Joel Freeman explains the historical significance of the famous Rosetta Stone to a group in Maryland.




   One of our 1:1, full-size, 3D Rosetta Stone replicas was used in 2015 on the Vancouver movie set of "Night At The Museum 3" (Twentieth Century Fox)


 Joel Freeman was the keynote speaker recently at the "Ft Meade Joint Language Wars" held outside near the plane exhibit on the campus at the National Security Agency (NSA). This is the Olympics competition for language experts from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. TOPIC: the history behind the cracking of the code to hieroglyphics and its historical impact on what these elite warriors do every day for America's national security.



Rosetta  Stone  Traveling  Exhibit  Project  ~

the Stone that told the Sphinx's secrets












Partnership Sponsor Provides National Recognition-Enhancing Market Opportunities



   The Rosetta Stone: Found in 1799 on the west bank of the Nile by Napoleon's French soldiers, this 1,700 pound fragment of an ancient slab gave up the clues that ultimately cracked the code to hieroglyphics some 23 years later in 1822 – unlocking the secrets of ancient Egypt.

  Perhaps one of the most important finds in the past three centuries...yet hardly anyone knows about it.


   Connected to Problem-Solving: Anyone interested in the fields of archaeology, Egyptology, cryptology, writing, publishing, geology, science, mathematics, translation work and/or languages understands the significance of this famous artifact -- a contemporary metaphor for problem-solving.


   The Rosetta Stone Replica Project: After 6+ years of R&D we have developed the world’s first 1:1, full-size, 3D replica of the Rosetta Stone available to the general public. This educational project was launched at the Library of Congress, and is being accomplished through The Freeman Institute® Foundation.

   Famous Artifact:
The original Rosetta Stone is housed in London at the British Museum and is considered by many experts to be one of the most important archaeological finds in the last three centuries -- the #1 exhibit of the entire British Museum.       

   Plus, recently a History Channel TV Special (101 Objects That Changed the World) listed the Rosetta Stone as #3 -- behind the Bible (#1) and Coins (#2).


  Movie Set Exhibit: One of our replicas was part of the set on the Twentieth Century Fox movie, "Night At The Museum 3" --  starring Ben Stiller, Robin Williams and others. The movie plot was set in the British Museum. The leased replica was returned to me, so we will be able to exhibit the actual replica used in the NATM3 movie -- in this traveling exhibit.


   Marine Corp Intelligence: The Freeman Institute® Foundation developed the Rosetta Stone award for the Marine Corp Association and Foundation -- awarded to the top linguists in Marine Corp Intelligence. The competition was intense throughout MCI.

Google sponsored the creation of the award. Here is one of those awards, presented at a formal MCAF banquet in Crystal City, VA.



“The Mysterious Rosetta Stone” Traveling Exhibit: The current plan is to hire Science North, one of the premier fabricators of traveling exhibits globally. They have the infrastructure and brain trust of experience to create a stunning 5,000 sq.ft. exhibit with all of the jaw-dropping, gee-whiz technology required to make this a smashing success throughout North America and beyond.


   Plus, Science North will deal with the on-going logistics – developing the regional marketing plan for venues, setting up the exhibit schedule for venues across North America, shipping/transportation and refurbishing of entire exhibit between venues, et al…


  Global Impact: And once we have developed the template for the first 5,000 sq.ft. exhibit, we can then create similar exhibits to travel in other orbits…globally – throughout Europe, SE Asia, China and S. America.


 Contact us to learn more about the remarkable, marketing and educational value of sponsorship. Global connection. Stunning, jaw-dropping technology. Community outreach. World class creativity and professionalism.  S.T.E.A.M. educational benefits.

You are on the ground floor and we will search for every way feasible to connect your organization’s mission and branding to the four Zones in this traveling exhibit. Guaranteed. Your questions are welcomed…











© 2006-NOW The Freeman Institute Foundation. All rights reserved.



Anyone interested in archaeology,
Egyptology, cryptology, publishing,
IT security, geology, science, writing,
mathematics, translation work and/or
languages understands the
significance of this famous artifact.



C O N C E P T U A LF L O O R    P L A N        
Developed by George Mayer          

M I D D L EZ O N E                

(5,000 sq.ft.) -- Progression of artistic rendering of the Middle Zone
( Joe Ruiz created the artistic renderings for the traveling exhibit. )

   One of my replicas was part of the set of the "Night At The Museum 3" movie, starring Ben Stiller, Robin Williams and others. The movie plot was set in the British Museum. The leased replica was returned, so we will be able to exhibit the actual replica used in the NATM3 movie -- in this Zone.



      ZONE #1: Rosetta Stone History (approx 1,250 sq. ft.)
  Visitors will relive the time of discovery of the Rosetta Stone on the west bank of the Nile, Napoleon’s reign, the drama surrounding the cracking of the code to hieroglyphics, and links to ancient Egypt.

  With backdrops of Egyptian sands and pyramids, visitors will go on their own path to discover the Stone: the centerpiece and star of the exhibit, the 1:1, full size, 3D Rosetta Stone replica. Artifacts and media will surround to give tell the story of the discovery.


     ZONE #2: Cracking the Codes (approx 1,250 sq. ft.)
  Visitors will enter into a highly participatory area which is both mysterious and intriguing.  Kind of  “James-Bond-ish” vibe to it. A bit darker and edgier. Within this area, visitors will engage in challenging, mind-stimulating code-cracking games and puzzles. Both computer interactive and hands-on, 3-D puzzles with be presented. Graphics and artifacts will showcase famous and historical codes and the breaking of them.

  We are also planning to exhibit an ENIGMA (used by Nazis in WWII), along with some cutting edge, gee-whiz, jaw-dropping technology in this "Code Cracking" zone of the exhibit.

  Plus, we are having a 3-D digital holographic image of the Rosetta Stone developed by an expert. See below. It is a 10’ x 10’ structure, with a clear screen stretched at a 45 degree angle, creating the ability to project the image through it. The holographic image will then be about 4.5’ tall.


      ZONE #3: Languages & Culture (approx 1,250 sq. ft.) How Language and Culture impact each other.
  Visitors would enter into a themed area, backdrops would displays a variety of languages.  Visitors will be engrossed in the primary theme of the area, Languages. Specifically, the history of languages, the process of translation, and the impact of language on culture throughout history and today.

  Exhibits will highlight how the middle Demotic script was the key (as within the Rosetta Stone) to the translation link between the two other scripts – Greek and Hieroglyphics – essentially part of the formula that helped to cracked the code to Hieroglyphics…unlocking the secrets of ancient Egypt.

  Untranslatable Words – Words from other cultures that are not translatable into English. Just because a word is not translatable, it doesn’t mean that people don’t experience it here in America. There are certain ways of expressing oneself which makes sense in another culture. Does someone have to give up something because it cannot be described in English? Provide a way for people to access that list, with the meanings of each word as best defined in English.

  GAME: Different ways of saying a word. Kind of like Charades. Express a mood or word in body language and have another visitor guess what is being communicated.

  VIDEO NOTE: Leave a verbal video note about a word from your part of the world that means a lot to you...for the next visitor.

  URBAN DICTIONARY: How words and culture interact. Show the history behind latest words that have now become a part of common usage in our culture.

  I have access to some of the top linguist experts at NSA who are excited to help with this zone. Plus, once this project gets moving we can approach a language training company about helping to create some interactive games for this zone.


     ZONE #4: Problem Solving and Connections to Modern World (approx 1,250 sq. ft.)
  Visitors will enter this area through a modern type door and the entire design will be contemporary. Backdrop will be modern, even perhaps futuristic in their look and feel.  This area’s significance lies in it’s ability to connect visitors to the modern world, giving meaning and practicality to the information they have encountered thus far within the exhibit.

  Name a vocation. Any vocation. Any person with a job has a job because he or she is solving some sort of problem(s). The Rosetta Stone can be utilized as a metaphor for such activity.

  It took 23 years – including the collaboration of many people – to solve the puzzle of hieroglyphics, thereby unlocking the secrets of ancient Egypt. This involved long periods of silence, big egos and lack of cooperation among experts from a number of countries. But the basic message is that people persevered and the problem was ultimately solved. The meaning for us is that someone may be working on a crappy team...filled with people possessing big egos, cross-cultural issues, lack of good communication, and lack of tools/resources. But still the problems can be solved.

  25-30 INVENTIONS: This zone will include 25-30 mini exhibits that showcase the problem-solving process each invention went through to create his/her invention that we now take for granted. 



Connecting with "early adopters" in C-Suites and beyond

One of the founders of the Children's Miracle Network -- arguably one of the most successful charities in the last four decades -- told me that the Rosetta Stone project is the next BIG thing. I am not sure what that means, but was grateful for his encouragement.

 I have already done – with a lot of help -- much of the innovation required to bring it to where it is right now.

I have taken it as far as I can and have already seen a small number of “early adopters” come on board with significant input and donations. Here's just one example: Tagboard...hashtag (#) technology is being donated for enhancing social media impact for each venue (value up to $750K over 7 years). Ask me about the other early adopters. Prepare to be amazed by the level of commitment already displayed.


Science North is one of the premier fabricators of museum exhibits in the world and they are excited about this project.

Reality check. Without the funding, this entire project is merely a pipe dream.

    F U N D I N G
That’s the next step for this project to move forward.
We are doing this project through The Freeman Institute Foundation.
Let's talk...cell: 410-991-9718 (Joel Freeman)

 I am personally inviting corporations and wealthy individuals to be significant early adopters. Corporations spend millions of dollars for a 30-second ad during the Super Bowl. Hardly anyone can remember even one ad shown on TV during the last Super Bowl.

My promise is to work hard to make the marketing/branding benefits well worth your while over a sustained 7+ years.

G L O B A L    P E R S P E C T I V E
Once the template for the first 5,000 sq.ft. exhibit is developed, we can then create six more 5,000 sq.ft. exhibits for travel in their separate orbits -- North America, SE Asia, China (2 exhibits), Europe and South America.

In North America we will have two exhibits, but after three years one of those exhibits will step away to visit large cities with cultural centers not serviced by the other orbits (e.g. Sydney, Moscow, Cairo, New Delhi, Lagos, Tel Aviv, Istanbul and more...)


"Interested in learning how you can help?"

email -- greatworkshops [at]    cell: +1-410-991-9718
ask for Joel Freeman


"Rosie" or "Rosette" will be one of the guides throughout many of the exhibits. Which "Rosie" do you like the best?



T H E   B A R B A D O S   C O N N E C T I O N

Once the Rosetta Stone Exhibit travels around North America for 7 years, The Freeman Institute Foundation has promised to donate the
exhibit to The Preservation (Barbados) Foundation Trust. It will then become a museum -- tourist destination -- in the Bridgetown region.

  ~ A letter from The Preservation (Barbados) Foundation Trust to The Freeman Institute Foundation ~ 

N E E D    S O M E    M O R E
A B O U T    T H I S    P R O J E C T?


Click here for more background:




Replicating a Mystery (short film)



The Freeman Institute Foundation  ~


B A C K G R O U N D          T E C H N O L O G Y          B A C K G R O U N D



W E   A R E   G R A T E F U L   T O   A L L   W H O   H E L P E D  W I T H   T H I S   P R O J E C T


3-D digital model
by Direct Dimensions (Michael Raphael & Peter Kennedy).   
Initial mold fabrication of face and pedestal base
by MAG Fadal (Doug Hawthorne).   
Stereo Lithography Technology by 3D Systems (Chris Lewis).    
Fabrication of all final molds & hand-crafted replicas
by-- Mannetron (Tom Kipp).
Sculpting the Rosetta Stone look and feel on sides and rear by -- Charlie Wakefield
Developing digital face for "Baby Rosetta" model by -- Enterprise (Dan Bondhus) & Curt Fluent
Specific type of granodiorite identified by Dr. James Harrell, Prof. Emeritus of Geology, U. of Toledo
Development of by Denice Rhodes, President of
Metal artisan, Ray Santa...owner and CEO of
Dave Saraiva (thanks for the link) at
Eugene DeMuro (President) for etching the face of the Classic, Jr. model at Mech-Tronics.
Joe Ruiz created the artistic renderings for the traveling exhibit.
Joe Decker ( TagBoard) will be donating hastag technology to enhance social media connectivity with exhibit project.

Hear script/read text provided by David Asheim (President) and team at Guide By Cell
Call 415-294-3619 (then dial 1#, then 2#, and then 3# to hear more).  Text "Rosetta Tour" to 56512 for text tour.





~  T H E    R O S E T T A    S T O N E    o f    R E P L I C A S   ~


Official Dimensions
of Genuine Rosetta Stone

:  114.400 cm (max.)
Width:  72.300 cm
Thickness:  27.900 cm





Evidently the "Night At The Museum 3" cast had fun on their UK adventure, with co-star Ben Stiller tweeting this
pic of Robins Williams goofing off in costume next to the original Rosetta Stone at the British Museum.
"Saw this guy hanging out by the Rosetta Stone at British Museum last night."

In a USA Today article (July 27, 2014), co-star, Dan Stevens described the surreal scene of having late-night
conversations next to the Rosetta Stone with Robin Williams during night shoot breaks in the museum. Stiller, too, was
wowed by having "access to this incredible place that you would just never have a chance to walk around by yourself."

One of our Rosetta Stone replicas used on the movie set of "Night At The Museum 3" in Vancouver

Compare the replica with the original Rosetta Stone above next to Robin Williams



Rosetta Stone Replica Project

Box 305, Gambrills, Maryland 21054
TEL 410.991.9718     FAX 410.729.0353


Rosetta Stone in Situ
1895 image
from The Freeman Institute History Collection

Rosetta Stone Replica Exhibition
Modern image
We tried to mimic as close as possible how the exhibit looked in the 1800s


Facebook: Rosetta Stone Replica Project, with photos


The Freeman Institute uses Capital Exhibits for all their displays like:
Panel display, tableclothsdisplay screen and display shop.

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