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Earth at Night....It is an absolutely awesome panoramic picture of the world at night.
Check out some observations below. Order a piece of art for your office or home.

Want a stunning museum-quality "Earth At Night" image? See bottom of page...

This is a low resolution example, which really doesn't do the image justice. This image is being used so that this web page will load faster. The real image is an extremely high resolution image.

View larger image at bottom of this page.

We were fortunate to get an extremely high resolution image from NASA, not available through normal sources. This image can be printed to very large dimensions, without image quality loss. The best Earth at Night photo anywhere!


"EARTH-AT-NIGHT"  Note  Cards  &  Wall  Art

How would this look on the wall of your office, company's foyer
or the wall of a large room in your home?  Or, how about note cards?

   For a number of years we have used this image in our Cultural Diversity presentations. Invariably someone would come up to me (Joel Freeman) during a break, asking where he or she could obtain a large copy of this image. I never knew where to point people...until now.

   Finally we have good news. We have special access to the extremely high resolution photograph from the actual gentlemen in NASA who created this composite image. An important distinction!

  This is what the Earth looks like at night. Can you find your favorite or city? Surprisingly, city lights make this task quite possible. Human-made light highlights particularly developed or populated areas of the Earth's surface, including the seaboards of Europe, the eastern United States, and Japan. Many large cities are located near rivers or oceans so that they can exchange goods cheaply by boat. Particularly dark areas include the central parts of South America, Africa, Asia and Australia. The above image is actually a composite of hundreds of pictures made by the orbiting DMSP satellite.

   This image of Earth’s city lights was created with data from the Defense Meteorological Satellite Program (DMSP) Operational Linescan System (OLS). Originally designed to view clouds by moonlight, the OLS is also used to map the locations of permanent lights on the Earth’s surface.

   The brightest areas of the Earth are the most urbanized, but not necessarily the most populated. (Compare western Europe with China and India.) Cities tend to grow along coastlines and transportation networks. Even without the underlying map, the outlines of many continents would still be visible. The United States interstate highway system appears as a lattice connecting the brighter dots of city centers. In Russia, the Trans-Siberian railroad is a thin line stretching from Moscow through the center of Asia to Vladivostok. The Nile River, from the Aswan Dam to the Mediterranean Sea, is another bright thread through an otherwise dark region.

Many Satisfied Customers

  "I received the image a month ago and I am very pleased with it. You are right, the picture on your website does not do it justice. It is spectacular -- a great conversation piece. I am glad that I got the larger size. It's worth every penny spent. The detail is truly amazing! Thanks for everything. I will tell others about this stunning work of art. I also really like the all-occasion cards!" -- Gerald, London, UK

  "I just wanted to say how awesome the Earth at Night image is and to thank you for such an easy order process!" -- Courtney, Austin, TX

  "It looks great!  I bought it for my husband and he really likes it. My 8 year old son is also interested in it as well. I was surprised by the color -- quite different from viewing it online. Also, I am happy with the size I chose.  I think one size bigger would have been over- whelming!" -- Suzanne, PA

  "Purchasing the image was extremely straightforward and I felt you kept me informed throughout the whole process of any information that concerned me. Also, you answered my (numerous!) questions and were able to advise me. Considering the print is quite large and unique (and thus I needed a bit more assurance than a cheaper / smaller purchase), I felt the service was brilliant. I would recommend you!! My husband loves the image! and I am convinced it will be quite a centre point / talking point for many guests, with many hours studying it!"    -- Ruth, London, UK

   Even more than 100 years after the invention of the electric light, some regions remain thinly populated and unlit. Antarctica is entirely dark. The interior jungles of Africa and South America are mostly dark, but lights are beginning to appear there. Deserts in Africa, Arabia, Australia, Mongolia, and the United States are poorly lit as well (except along the coast), along with the boreal forests of Canada and Russia, and the great mountains of the Himalaya.

   This particular image is not available through normal sources. (The image above is a low-resolution image, which really doesn't do it justice.) The specific image to be mounted for you is unequaled in quality and resolution. It really "pops!" -- like no other similar-type image. This image can be printed to very large dimensions, without image quality loss.

   It will look great on your wall -- the larger, the better...It is sure to spark many hours of wonderful conversation! The finest "Earth at Night" art images anywhere!

  "Zero Pixilization"! This image is printed digitally on the highest quality museum, photo grade and acid-free paper (10 mil) with pigmented, UV-resistant archival ink, rated at over 100 years fade resistance. 100% guaranteed satisfaction.

   We will deliver what has been promised with the "wall-art" size you request -- or all-occasion note cards (holiday, thank you, etc...) -->>>>>>>>>

   The production company we are working with will fabricate and ship a high quality "Wall-Art" image to almost any size. To make it easy for everyone, we have selected five sizes, from which you can choose (see below).  The larger the image, the more spectacular it is.

   By the way, because we have access to the original high resolution image, we can make a "stupendously huge" image of this if you have a specialty project in mind. Please let us know what you're thinking and we'll respond accordingly.

   The image you select will be fabricated by a production company that has done work for the  Smithsonian Institution and other similar organizations.


   Magnificent "Earth At Night"
All-Occasion Note Cards w/ Envelopes
(Order Singles or in packs of ten)
Make a
BIG Impression
Impressively Large Note Card Size: 11" x 4.75"

Private Labeled Note Cards

  Contact us for Premier Note Card quantities: 500, 1000, 2500 or more -- with Your Company information on the cards and envelopes.
Some organizations use these cards for:
Holidays, Thank You, Congratulations, etc.

   Smaller image size options are mentioned below. Please click on the appropriate "email hyperlink" and send an email (including your telephone number) for the specific size and mounting you want. S&H in the USA is INCLUDED in the pricing!

   Please do not contact us if you want an inexpensive poster-like image. Mass production is not what we do. Your image will be one-at-a-time museum quality (with price to match), made individually for each order. Interested in learning more? Click below on the exact size and mounting option you want us to quote...

The Perfect Gift -- A Spectacular and Unique Piece of Art!
Birthday, Anniversary, Co-Worker, Boss, Retirement, Residential, Corporate, Diversity Presentation, Sales Show / Booth Stopper!


Also, check out the full-size, 3-D replica of
the mysterious Rosetta Stone



We have developed these sizes of the "Earth at Night" image, in 2 options:
1. Fine Art Image   2. Prints (on thinner paper, below)
Click on the "email" for specific size you want more information on the following:

Sizes of prints below include the border for the print (1"-2")

 * Fine Art Image
(rolled, not laminated)
(see below)
   1.   12" x 24"  (1' x 2') email for pricing
(please include your telephone #)
   2.   18" x 34"  (1'6" x 2'10") email  for pricing
(please include your telephone #)
   3.   22" x 44"  (1'10" x 3'8") email for pricing
(please include your telephone #)
   4.   34" x 68"  (2'10" x 5'8") email for pricing
(please include your telephone #)

   5.   44" x 88"  (3'8"' x 7'4") HUGE!
         Almost the size of regulation wallboard

email for pricing
(please include your telephone #)

General Information
(please include your telephone #)

* Fine Art Image: Museum grade archival Epson Photo Luster Paper (thicker quality paper) printed with Epson Ultrachome Pigmented Archival inks, rated at over 100 years fade resistance. Print colors will remain bright and clear. IMPORTANT: Because these images are NOT laminated, do not unroll them. The first time the image is unrolled is to be by the framer...with extreme care, using white gloves. Once it is under the Plexiglas or glass, it is fine.

The Fine Art Paper option delivers an even higher, museum-quality, standard of excellence. We use Epson Ultra Smooth Fine Art Paper, the same paper as the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. These Fine Art Papers have additional desirable conservation characteristics:
  • 50% thicker: 15 mil
  • Very heavy feel: 250g/m2
  • OBA-free
  • Lignin-free
  • 100% Cotton
  • Acid-free
Fine art papers that have no OBA's, that are acid-free, lignin-free, 100% cotton, and that are buffered (usually with a calcium carbonate reserve of about 1.5% - 2.0%) have an estimated paper life expectancy of 500 years or more (based on the American National Standards Institute and the American Society for Testing Materials).

   The two most important factors that affect the quality of paper are the presence of impurities and an acidic pH. Finished papers may contain natural impurities, such as lignins that have not been removed during processing, unnatural impurities, such as residual chemicals, like sulfites, not washed out during final processing.

   WHY LIGNIN-FREE? Lignins, which are the combined glues that hold plant cells together, are undesirable in a finished paper product. They age poorly, turn brown, become acidic over time, and resist the natural bonding of cellulose fibers to each other.
   If lignins are not removed and are left in contact with the surrounding cellulose fibers in paper, their acidity will break down the cellulose and the paper will become brittle.

   Lignins comprise 20 to 30 percent of wood, but less than 1 percent of cotton fibers (despite this <1%, cotton is considered "lignin-free"). Because of the high concentration of lignins in wood, papers made from wood pulp discolor and eventually self-destruct. Although there are methods for the removal of most or all of the lignins, unless the residual chemicals used in these processes are also dealt with, embrittlement and acidification will only be postponed. For this reason, wood pulp papers are generally avoided for permanent artwork. Because it is nearly lignin-free, paper made from 100 percent cotton is most desirable.

Own a full-size,
3D replica of the
famous Rosetta Stone

   WHY 100% COTTON? Paper is composed of plant cellulose fibers. Cellulose is a polymer of the sugar glucose and is used by plants to produce cell walls. The source of the cellulose fibers, and the degree to which that source is refined, determine the nature and quality of the paper produced. Cotton fiber is up to 10 times stronger than cellulose fibers made from wood, and cotton is naturally acid and lignin free.

   WHY ACID-FREE? pH describes the acidity, alkalinity, or neutrality of something. Distilled water has been assigned a pH value of "neutral" 7, which represents equal concentrations of acid and alkali. Each whole number represents a factor of 10-ten times more or less acidic than the number above or below it. The more acidic a paper, the faster the cellulose will break down, resulting in a shorter lifespan. A number of factors can influence the pH of a paper. Residual acids from processing, alum sizing, fillers used to create bulk, oils used to make paper transparent, optical brighteners, atmospheric sulfur dioxide, and the presence of lignins can all result in a pH of 4.5 or lower.

   WHY BUFFER THE PAPER? Recent study has shown that even the purest cotton papers will become slightly acidic, even though they left the mill at pH ranging between 6.5 and 7. This may be due to the nature of the paper itself, or because of exposure to air polluted with sulfur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen --common pollutants caused by the burning of fossil fuel, which turn water molecules into sulfuric acid and nitric acid. To cope with the natural and unnatural acidification of paper, some manufacturers add buffers to the paper. Buffers such as calcium carbonate can absorb a significant amount of acid. Buffered papers are often slightly alkaline with a pH around 8.5. A pH moderately higher than 7 is not considered harmful in paper.

   WHY OBA-FREE? "OBA" is an acronym for "optical brightening agent". Many paper substrates have optical brighteners added to increase their apparent whiteness. The cellulose fibers comprising paper have a natural yellow color that is bleached during manufacturing, but some slight yellow remains. To counteract this yellow color, a "bluing" agent is added to paper. The bluing agents are actually ultraviolet dyes that work by fluorescing the invisible ultraviolet light into visible light (OB's absorb ultraviolet light and re-emit it as visible blue and violet wavelengths), thereby making the paper to appear brighter or whiter. OB's are known as "fluorescent agents" because they strongly fluoresce under "black light" (a good test to see if a paper has OBA's).

However, many paper makers believe that optical brighteners interfere with permanence, because they can break down over time and can cause irregular yellowing of the paper (or the inkjet coating), or cause acidity in the paper, which can lead to a premature deterioration of the paper structure. In fact, the Library of Congress defines an archival paper to be OBA-free.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
Earth At Night
YouTube Video from The Freeman Institute


Timelapse: Earthereal (from Adonis Pulatus)



We also have different size prints that are less expensive than the Fine Art Images -- not framed and thinner paper -- without the full metal frames. These are Museum-Quality prints, printed on acid-free paper, using archival ink, with zero pixilization. They are rolled and shipped (FREE! within USA) in a tube. Shipped to your door within 7 days.

You can personally arrange for the mounting, backing, UV lamination, framing and hanging hardware for your own image. IMPORTANT: Because these images are NOT laminated, do not unroll them. The first time the image is unrolled is to be by the framer...with extreme care, using white gloves. Once it is under the Plexiglas or glass, it is fine. It is sure to spark many hours of wonderful conversation!

      24" x 46" (2' x 3'10") -- "Big!" email for pricing
(please include your telephone #)
     36" x 70" (3' x 5'10") -- "Enormous!" email for pricing
(please include your telephone #)
     44" x 86" (3'8" x 8'2") -- "Humongous!" email for pricing
(please include your telephone #)

O N   A L L   O R D E R S

   Artwork: Supplied
   Quantity: 1
   Final Size: Depends upon the option chosen
   Ink: Heavy
   File Manipulation: Included
   Color Correction: Included
   Pre-Press: Included
   Printing: Included
   Mounting/Framing: Included
   Shipping: Included (see below for info)

Shipping: All prices quoted will INCLUDE shipping by FedEx Ground within Continental US. Shipped generally within 10 days of order, except for Christmas season. Expertly crated and shipped by truck. Shipments fully insured, and tracking numbers sent to customer. 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Payment by Credit Card, charged when shipped.

Note -- Fine art and Framed images are not returnable for credit or refund, unless damaged. All framed images or shipped insured. Refunds are the responsibility of the carrier.
For Prints, if you are unhappy with your purchase of a listed item for any reason within 14 days of receiving your order, we will gladly refund the full purchase price, upon receipt of the returned shipment from you in original packaging. A restocking charge of 15% will be applied for all returns of prints larger than 11"x14". However, if a print is damaged in transit to you, we will replace the print postpaid by us free of charges. This guarantee does not cover our cost of shipping the item to you, nor the cost of returning the item to us. Custom or Special orders or special City orders may not be returned. However, we will correct any defects. Customs or Local Taxes levied at the destination cannot be refunded for International shipments.



   Magnificent "Earth At Night"
All-Occasion Note Cards with Envelopes
(Order Singles or in packs of ten)

Make a BIG Impression
Impressively Large Card Size: 11" x 4.75"

Private Labeled Note Cards
  Contact us for Premier Note Card quantities: 500, 1000, 2500 or more -- with Your Company information on the cards and envelopes.

We can even create special inserts that say,
Happy Holidays, Thank You, Congratulations, etc...

Check out this panoramic picture of the earth below. It is a compilation of many night views taken by the Defense Meteorological Satellite with the lights clearly indicating the populated areas. What a piece of photography! The quality of the photograph above really doesn't do this image justice...


Some intriguing things to notice about the earth at night (see larger image below):
1. Notice the development of Israel compared to the rest of the countries in that region.
2. Moving East, most striking is the difference between North and South Korea. Truly unique! Note the density of Japan and Hong Kong.
3. Look how far upstream the Nile River stays brightly lit (and it's contrast to the area around it.) After the Nile, the lights don't come on again until Johannesburg.
4. You can see the train lines in Siberian Russia because the cities are all built on the rail lines -- the Trans-Siberian Rail Route.
5. There still is NO development at the mouth of the Amazon (unlike the Nile and other major rivers.)
6. You could call South America, Africa, and Australia "dark continents" because almost all of their development is on their coasts. Look at the Australian Outback.

7. Yugoslavia is one of the only dark spots in all of Europe. In east Europe, there is a high population concentration along the Mediterranean Coast. It's easy to spot London, Paris, Stockholm and Rome and Naples.
8. The "spine" of Italy is completely black.
9. In the Midwest US (everything north of Texas) the city lights form a nice "grid" of dots all lined up. This grid pattern was established as a result of the General Land Survey, initiated following the Louisiana Purchase to map the newly acquired lands west of the Mississippi. The GLS is based on a large scale grid of Principal Meridians (north - south) and Base Lines (east - west). These grids were then subdivided into 36 square mile Townships (6 miles square, containing 36 sections of one square mile or 640 acres each). Each Township had a designated school section. Roads tended to be located on the boundaries between sections, thus forming a grid one mile by one mile. Major roads, and subsequently railroads, tended to be located on Township lines, forming a larger grid. This tended to impose a distance of about 6 miles between towns, which has endured to this day. Many Townships saw the development of towns (and subsequently, cities), often at intersections of major roads along township boundaries.
10. Note that Canada's population is almost exclusively along the U.S. border.


* NOTE: We get many requests from people who want to purchase this image. We finally found
    someone who can create stunning museum-quality images. It's not a cheap, mass-produced poster. They come in the sizes and mounting options shown above. Interested in learning more?

 This image can also be seen in a
Google Maps interface at the Night Earth website.


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Credit: Image by Craig Mayhew and Robert Simmon, NASA GSFC, based on DMSP data courtesy
Christopher Elvidge, NOAA National Geophysical Data Center.

"earth at night -- earth at night photo -- earth at night image -- earth from space -- NASA image -- NASA -- Defense Meteorological Satellite -- world -- globe -- map -- earth image -- astronomy -- space science"