"God Is Not Fair"

Making Sense of Loss and Grief


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   ~ F R E E   O F F E R ~
If you are employed by a hospice provider in the USA as a chaplain or bereavement
counselor, we have a special FREE offer for you. But first, let's provide some background.

  The Freeman Institute® and The Freeman Institute® Foundation have combined resources to launch the freeman publishing (fp) enterprise. A curiosity-driven multi-media publishing company.

   The first curiosity-driven resource is found in two expanded and updated editions of the same 192 page book, "God Is Not Fair."

   BACKGROUND: This bestselling book was written over 25 years ago, birthed out of an intensely painful period that lasted a few years in the early 1980s -- sponsoring more haunting questions than answers. I (Joel Freeman) "journaled" my way through that dark time, discovering creative concepts, spiritual insights and humor that seemed to connect much later with other people honestly wrestling with similar issues and questions.

   In 2009, both my father (Arthur, 91) and mother (Katherine, 90) died within 33 days of each other in Vancouver. Even though I have been a licensed professional counselor for years, helping many walk through their grief, the "one-two" punch of losing both parents so close together, threw me for a loop.

   I experienced a blue funk for 3-4 months afterwards. The dark cloud disappeared one day and I cannot even give you a tidy little A-B-C formula as to how it happened. It was a breakthrough. Later (in early 2011), I engaged in the therapeutic process of updating and expanding this book.

   I am a grateful man. With 21 foreign translation editions (400,000+ copies), this book has been endorsed by Paul Meier, Billy Graham, Joni Eareckson and many others. I have received a lot of mail from readers of this book.

   Based upon the wide range of responses -- transcending race, ethnicity, generation, gender and culture -- I am hopeful that you will view this book as a resource for people who are asking the same questions addressed by this book.

cover of NHME hospice edition

   Dealing with pain, loss and suffering is a messy process. Predictably unpredictable. Smarmy, flowery responses do not work, especially during tough times...generally only serving to drive people into deeper disillusionment. "God Is Not Fair" is a book that will connect with readers right where they are hurting. Here is one reader's response:

  “In the midst of a very terrible time in my life, I stumbled across God Is Not Fair. It blew me away. I have read many, many books on suffering and dealing with life's tragedies. This one is different in that it does not simply regurgitate the standard pat answers to why suffering exists and what to do when it happens ("Trials are actually a blessing! They'll make you a better person! Embrace them!" -- Give me a break.). Joel Freeman avoids preachy, sanctimonious language and never gets condescending. I received practical strategies for dealing with not only suffering and grief but the accompanying feelings of unfairness and "God's absence" that go along with those feelings. My faith in God was strengthened by my having read this book.”      -- Harriet, a satisfied reader

   The two expanded and updated 25th anniversary editions of "God Is Not Fair" were released in April 2011.

   One edition (subtitled: Making Sense of Loss and Grief) has been private-labeled by National HME and Project 4031 -- especially designed for the hospice community. This particular edition was launched at The National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) conference in Washington, DC in 2011. The response from hospice and hospital chaplains has been excellent -- a resource for people in any of the "before - during - after" stages of pain, grief or loss.

   The other edition (subtitled: Coming To Terms With Life's Raw Deals) has been designed for the general marketplace.

   The audio book, mp3 and ebook editions will soon follow. We already offer an edition for youth and also a hard-cover gift edition of this book. Review German translation. Read the back cover copy below:

   NOTE: If you are a bereavement counselor or chaplain employed by a hospice organization in the USA, we will send you a FREE review copy of the hospice edition of "God Is Not Fair." To qualify for your free review copy, send an EMAIL right now, including your mailing address, the name of the hospice company you work for and also your contact information. It's a free gift. No catch. No strings attached. Offer good only in the USA.

So, What Did You Expect?

  Sometimes life isn't fair, but we expect it to be. Why else would we be so angry and hurt when it isn't?

   We wonder:

  • If God is a God of love, why is there so much suffering in the world?
  • Can any meaning be found in pain, loss and suffering?
  • Why do evil people seem to prosper?
  • Why does life have to hurt so much?
  • Why do terrible things seem to happen to nice people?
  • Why does life have to hurt so much?
  • Isn't there an easier way to grow?
  • Can any meaning be found in pain, loss and suffering?

   "God Is Not Fair" is of special interest to:

hospital/hospice chaplains, bereavement counselors, therapists, prison chaplains, clergy, military chaplains, psychologists, pastoral counselors, parents of teenagers, guidance counselors, spiritual advisors, mentors, social workers, and anyone else in the people-helping profession -- looking for resources to help people walk through grief and loss.

   "God Is Not Fair" is designed for people who are in any of the "before-during-after" stages of pain:

loss of a loved one, cancer or some other disease, wrestling with the "why's" of tragedy, parents dealing with rebellious children, physically and/or emotionally paralyzed, struggling with conversations/events/decisions that have negatively impacted relationships, prison sentence, periodic depressive state, fear of death, discouragement, strained relationships within a family system, dealing with life-controlling thoughts or temptations, approval addiction issues, bitterness, shame, dealing with narcissists or those with a heightened sense of personal entitlement, and more...

   Written in a highly readable and thought-provoking style, Joel Freeman encourages readers to seek a greater understanding of their feelings of loss and grief through personal reflection. He also prompts discussion about their expectations of themselves, God and others.

   This book is not filled with glib answers, which serve to drive honest strugglers into deeper disillusionment. Drawing on his years of experience in counseling people through their grief and suffering, Dr. Freeman provides a framework upon which can be found true, lasting peace and security.

   Endorsed by Joni Eareckson Tada, Billy Graham, Paul Meier and others, "God Is Not Fair" presents helpful insights, poignant stories and touches of humor in revealing a biblical perspective on these questions. You are about to embark upon a remarkable journey.   [Take a look at the Table of Contents below]

FREE  OFFER       Understanding the Heart of Hospice       FREE  OFFER


If you are a bereavement counselor or chaplain employed by a hospice organization in the USA, Project 4031 will send you a FREE review copy of "God Is Not Fair."

Endorsed by Joni Eareckson Tada, Billy Graham, Dr. Paul Meier and others, this book (now in 21 languages) has been viewed as a unique resource for grieving families around the world who have lost a loved one. The author, Dr. Joel Freeman is pleased to offer this special NHME edition for your hospice.

Your hospice organization may receive a FREE review copy of the book for each bereavement counselor and chaplain in your organization. If you select this book as one of many follow-up resources you offer to families in grief, Project 4031 is pleased to ship you as many copies as you need now or in the future.


Feel free to send an EMAIL right now.
Let us know how many review copies you are requesting for all chaplains and
bereavement counselors, the name of the hospice organization you work for,
your contact info (phone/email) and where to ship the book(s).
N O   O B L I G A T I O N.
This free offer is good only in the USA.

F I N E   P R I N T

 If your hospice is serviced with medical equipment by National HME, LLC your hospice can order as many FREE copies (cases) of this book from Project 4031 that you can reasonably use. There are no restrictions, except that you use the book as a resource for the families who have lost a loved one. No reselling allowed. It's all on the honor code.

 If your hospice is not serviced with medical equipment by National HME, LLC your hospice can receive a FREE  review copy from Project 4031 for every chaplain and bereavement counselor in your organization. If you want to order future copies as a resource for families who have lost a loved one, there will be a minimal charge per copy to help defray the printing and shipping costs. There are no restrictions, except that you use the book as a resource for families who have lost a loved one. No reselling allowed. Once you have received the FREE review copies, ask about the minimal charge per book.


NHME and Project 4031 are dedicated to understanding the Heart of Hospice pledging daily to give their best by exercising urgency, compassion, and understanding in everything that they do. National HME's goal is to impact millions of lives through their service; to partner with quality hospice programs around the world; and to provide patients and their families with the best quality service and medical equipment enabling them to live their lives to the fullest everyday.



cover of general market edition
(order online by clicking on image above)

  1. I Never Want to Hurt This Bad Again
  2. Cosmic Killjoy
  3. Sympathy for the Devil
  4. Adjust to the Justice of God
  5. Don’t Lose Your Spit and Vinegar
  6. Mental Judo
  7. The Great Psychiatrist
  8. Hey, God’s Got Rights, Too!
  9. Wounded Crybabies
  10. How to Balance Your Fuss Budget
  11. Buzzard Bait
  12. Mercy Rewrote a Life
  13. Wow, It’s Real
  14. Scandalized
  15. Sirens and Smoke
  16. Innocence Lost, Purity Gained
  17. Skyscraper Theology
  18. Grief in Many Languages
  19. God Can, But Sometimes Won’t


  1. The Paradoxical Commandments
  2. Words Worth Embroidering
  3. The Conflict Between "Fairness" Vs Justice and Mercy
  4. Suffering: A Biblical Survey
  5. Bible Bullets


Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D. — A life motivated by curiosity. Veteran mentor/chaplain for the NBA Washington Bullets/Wizards for 19 years ('79-'98). Loyola University graduate. Accomplished author. Internationally sought-after conference speaker and workshop facilitator. Professional counselor. Success/business coach to executives.  Rosetta Stone history expert. Behavioral analyst. Organizational culture-change specialist. Corporate trainer. Motivational consultant and mentor to pro athletes. Philanthropist. Multiculturally astute. Photographer. Award-winning filmmaker. Magazine publisher. Experiences an on-going love/hate relationship with technology. Passionate about dynamic, fun-filled excellence. Devoted husband and father. Off-key singer and extremely bad dancer.



A Masterpiece on Suffering

   “Many books similar to When Life Isn't Fair have been written recently, but Freeman's work is especially noteworthy…Rather than easy, pat answers, Freeman offers solid biblical responses. At each chapter’s end he asks pointed questions that help readers come to grips with their feelings and reflect on the truth of God's word. In easy-to-understand terms, this compact book explains a profound theological mystery. After finishing this book readers will have the courage to face life's seemingly unfair circumstances and to have faith in God’s absolute wisdom and justice.”
     -- Bookstore Journal

  “When I became paralyzed in a diving accident, I felt that God owed me explanations. My questions were not unlike those of most people who suffer. With wit and disarming style, Joel Freeman helps us find at least some of those answers.”
     -- Joni Eareckson Tada, Author and Speaker

  “I was going through treatment for cancer and if one more person gave me some syrupy sweet, overly illustrated, "overly Job," candy coated, "shut-up-and-put-up-God-can-do-what-He-wants-so-you-have-no-right-to-feel-anger-or-grief-or-confusion" books I was going to go insane. Then I stumbled on this book and it blew me away. It packs a powerful message that helps answer questions, but also helps you learn to deal with life’s problems.”
     -- Emma, a reader

  “Joel Freeman's acceptance and care speaks to the heart of many who search for meaning and purpose. In touch with human suffering and pain, his personal faith is witness to God's mercy and love. Freeman's moving message in the book When Life Isn't Fair is one of profound hope.”
     -- Barry Estadt, Ph.D., Chairman (retired)
, Pastoral Counseling,
Loyola University.

  “When Life Isn't Fair is one of the best, commentaries to date on the heartaches, trials, and tribulations people experience during life's journey. As I dug deeper into this masterpiece on suffering, I saw this book as a means of producing blessing, peace, and assurance to every intellectual level and age group. ”  
-- Jack Van Impe, Author and Speaker

  “I have just got done reading your book ‘God Is Not Fair.’ I wanted to tell you just how much I enjoyed your book. Of all the ones I’ve read, it has given me the most insight to suffering. The examples and illustrations are excellent and hit home! The questions at the end of the chapters are very helpful to see how I feel. It is one of those books I will read again and again.”
     -- Frank, a reader, Austin, Texas

  “I’ve just finished reading your book, ‘God Is Not Fair,’ and honestly believe it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I would have traded my entire life for this book 25 years ago.”
     -- A reflective prisoner, Vevay, Indiana



Life is a series of problems: You are in one now, you’re just coming out of one,
or you’re getting ready to go into another one.
– Rick Warren

There’s a scream, “Oh, my God!” Waves of panic engulf the beach. The once-quiet sunbathers point wildly. A lifeguard races toward the pounding surf. Thrashing furi­ously, a pair of hands suddenly reappears out of the deep. The drowning person is in an intense struggle between life and death.

Think with me for a moment. Do you identify with the drowning soul, the trained lifeguard, or the powerless spec­tators? You are in at least one of those categories. Let me help you understand.

Right now, the state of your emotions may be saturated with sorrow and you may be grasping, like a drowning person, for answers to a multitude of “why” questions. Maybe, like the spectators, you are feeling gross inadequa­cies as you try to assist a friend who is hurting. Or possibly, like the lifeguard, you are in the people-helping profession (hospice). You have been through your own deep waters and are feeling used up, needing to be recharged.

·  Have you encountered personal tragedy some time ago and are still searching for
meaning in your pain?

·  Have you ever been hurt by a snake in the grass, and then felt like you had to blab 
it to everyone?

·  Are you angry with God for something you felt He did to you or a loved one?

·  Have you ever had your very own personal pity party? For a day? For a week? For a month? For a decade?

·    Are you in the midst of a crisis, feeling like you’re one hair’s breadth away from

·    Do you struggle with deep roots of bitterness?

·    Do you have a problem receiving and/or giving forgiveness?

·    Have you ever felt like nobody really understands the pain you have experienced?

·  Have you ever stuck out your trembling lower lip and said, “It’s just not fair”?


      If you answered yes to any of these questions, this book is for you. God understands your tolerance level for suffer­ing, and He wants to make you a tough person with a tender heart.

“On, no, not another negative, hell-fire-and-brimstone book!” I hear someone groan. You’re absolutely right: this isn’t one of those.

“But what about the title? I always thought God was fair.” Hold on just a moment....

“Fair” is a fine word, but as you will see, the genuine meaning has been distorted. To help clarify its meaning the word “fair” is set off by quotation marks throughout the book.

          Twenty-five years and twenty-one foreign translations later. That’s where we are with the book you now hold in your hands. This was the passion for greater understanding about suffering that burned within. It emerged out of a very dark time in my life where pious platitudes would not work for me. I had to put what I was learning on paper, even if for nothing more than personal therapeutic value. The response has been heartwarming – from adults and teens, professionals and non-professionals, to the religious and non-religious.

With travels to well over fifty countries around the world, I have realized one main thing: there is a drama of pain behind every pair of eyes. The “why” of suffering is the most potent assassin that haunts, taunts, and seeks to destroy the strong and the weak alike.

This book is not filled with glib answers, which serve only to drive honest strugglers into deeper disillusionment. In fact, I am rather suspect of those who seem to have all the answers wrapped up in a neat, tidy package: Ten Principles for Happy Sufferers. Instead, I want to hand you some tools. I also want you to know that we are in this together. I am learning and growing right along with you.

Before you have finished reading, you will have dis­covered ways to improve your course in life by making your attitude behave. You will also understand how you have already won the invisible, spiritual battle being waged this very moment for the attention of your heart.

By the way, if you are looking for “fairness” in your life, you may want to think again. I hope to persuade you that...ORDER HERE


 To Whom It May Concern,

   This letter is to provide a reference to our affiliation with Dr. Joel Freeman during the past several years at National HME, Inc.   We first engaged Dr. Freeman for our national manager’s conference in 2009 to speak to our leadership, providing methods of improving communication and excellence in service. 

   The success of his presentation lead us to engage in a more in depth relationship joining our team as our Corporate Coach that was expanded throughout our organization to three levels.  All of our executives were involved with Dr. Freeman on a monthly basis and our upper level and mid-level managers were involved on a less frequent basis. Dr. Freeman was involved in our management/leadership meetings yearly.  

   During his four years with National HME, he was able to work closely with our management team developing a company culture that was broad and deep.  Our company experienced rapid growth for several years expanding from one location in Texas to forty operating distribution sites throughout thirteen States. National HME, Inc. specializes in providing medical equipment for the hospice industry serving more than 20,000 patients on a daily basis and 400 teammates.  

   His expertise in developing and implementing a corporate Code of Conduct was invaluable.  The leadership of National HME was very impressed with Dr. Freeman’s ability to ensure that communication and accountability was always in the forefront of the organization.  With the growth of any organization it is imperative that openness and an ability to have a voice in the direction is recognized and appreciated.  This was a valuable and priceless direction that we enjoyed with the skill level that Dr. Freeman provided for our organization. 

   I recently stepped out of the role as the CEO of National HME, Inc. and now in a more passive role as the Executive Chairman.  I have worked with Dr. Freeman in other organizations for many years prior to National HME, Inc. and would certainly recommend him as a great contributor for excellence in your business endeavors.  

   Best regards,

 George R Robertson
  National HME, Inc., Executive Chairman & Founder


  We are honored to partner with Dr. Joel Freeman and help distribute his book “ God is not Fair” to help in your work of helping others grieve the loss of a loved one.

 The family and staff at Project 4031 are honored to be able to serve the hospice, terminally ill, and palliative care communities in which we help strengthen the end of life story of patients within the Untied States and around the globe. 

  Please keep us in mind as a tool for you and your team to use when caring and working with your patients and their loved ones. If you need any more copies of “God is not Fair” please do not hesitate to contact us.

  Thank you for your time.

     Many Blessings,

     Kristina Robertson, Director, Project 4031


Feel free to send an EMAIL right now.
Let us know how many review copies you are requesting for all chaplains and
bereavement counselors, the name of the hospice organization you work for,
your contact info (phone/email) and where to ship the book(s).
N O   O B L I G A T I O N.
This free offer is good only in the USA.



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