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         E I G H T      A R E N A S      O F      E X P E R T I S E

        i.       Workshop / Seminar / Retreat  Facilitation / Keynote Addresses
  Reality-Based Organizational  Culture  Change
Executive  Success  Coaching / Critical Incident Debriefings

        iv.    Diversity  &  Cultural Awareness / Black History  &  Diversity Day Presentations
   Entrepreneurship / Business Intelligence and Creativity
Open-Registration Seminar Events
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        vii.   The Freeman Institute® Foundation / Rosetta Stone Replica Project
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i. Workshop Facilitation
Professional Speaking
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Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D. facilitates uniquely powerful, non-boring, absolutely fun programs that are  customized to address:

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Conflict Resolution Problem Solving Workforce Diversity Leadership Skills
Anger Management & Violence Prevention Family-Owned Business Issues Communication Skills Enhancement & Teamwork Customer
Core Values Mentoring 101 Black History  Sales Training
 Code of Conduct Cultural Diversity Change Management Stress Management

View a Streaming Video Clip of Dr. Freeman (click below). Dr. Freeman has received excellent evaluations for his all-day seminars, two-day retreats, and luncheon/dinner/ convention presentations. No Bull. No Hype. The Freeman Institute
now offers a Speakers Bureau, which allows for a wider choice of professional presenters.

Organizational Culture Change
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Do you want a culture by default or a culture by design? Our success is founded on our ability to create a positive, reality-based culture in virtually any organization whose leadership is serious about change. "It's hard to read the label on the package when you're trying to read it from the inside.


iii. Executive Success Coaching
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Critical Incident Debriefings
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An executive success coach is kind of like your secret business partner who is totally dedicated to your success -- and you get to keep the profits. As a professional, board-certified counselor and successful entrepreneur, Dr. Freeman helps people to set realistic goals along with helping to establish a plan to get them there. He helps people who are "stuck" to get "unstuck" and experience empowerment in their lives – mentally, spiritually and emotionally. He coaches, you win! Face-to-face (locally) or on the phone.

Dr. Freeman also specializes in situations that may be referred to as CID -- "Critical Incident Debriefings". The reason why they are viewed as "critical" is because something verifiable has happened (or a series of incidents) causing strain with the internal/external relationships at the organization, perhaps resulting in the lowering of morale and productivity. 

Anger Coaching

Diversity and Cultural Awareness
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Black History and Diversity Day Presentations
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The Freeman Institute's™ philosophy in presenting the subject of diversity is best understood when considering an onion with its many layers. Each layer presents another opportunity to discuss the best ways to work together with greater harmony, understanding and mutual respect. Here are just some of the layers we address:

  • Fear of Loss

  • Cultural Competency

  • Professional Status 

  • Religious Affiliations

  • Generational Influences

  • Disability Awareness

  • Gender Differences

  • Diversity/Personality Style

Dr. Freeman, a White man from a small town in Alberta, Canada, shares the journey he has taken in co-authoring Return to Glory. In this unique, easy-to-understand presentation, Freeman highlights significant accomplishments of African descendants since the dawn of civilization, exposes racist distortions and cover-ups of those achievements and offers a process for individual healing, hoping and cross-cultural understanding. Freeman uses many photographic images from his travels to Africa and to museums around the world. While this presentation is for everyone, it is especially designed to to encourage the non-black community to open their hearts and minds to receive the truth about the glorious history of people of African descent.


v. Entrepreneurship / Business Intelligence and Creativity

If Nobody Loves You, Create The Demand
A Powerful Jolt of Entrepreneurial Energy and Wisdom

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"IGNITE (or re-ignite) Your Entrepreneurial Passion!



The Freeman Institute Speakers Bureau
Veteran NBA Stars, America's Least Motivated Motivational Speaker,
Echoes of MLK, Jr., Singer/Performer, etc.


"Every day, we bring historic events to life, and keep the world in touch with
the future – a future we're helping to create." -- John Fitzgerald Kennedy


Streaming Video Clip of Dr. Freeman
It's kinda scary, but you've been warned!

Check out the Cultural Diversity Links
Native American Indians       Latinos / Chicanos / Hispanics
Asians and Asian Americans     African Americans
European Americans      Multiracial and Inter-racial


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