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Critical Incident Debriefing (CID) Coach
~ When Absolute Confidentiality is Absolutely Necessary ~

Dr. Freeman is the Originator   of
~~~ " T.H.T.M."  C u s t o m i z e d   C o a c h i n g   P r o g r a m ~~~
especially designed for
Senior Executives, Key Employees, CEOs,
Pro Athletes, Musicians, Entertainers, Politicians, etc...

© Copyright, 2001-NOW The Freeman Institute. All rights reserved. Nothing on this page may be used without
explicit written permission. Note: Reproduction of any kind, including copying and pasting, is strictly prohibited.

"Coaching with Dr. Freeman has stretched me both personally and professionally..."
                                                                                                                       - a satisfied client

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>   <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

   A number of organizations have utilized Dr. Freeman's services as a Critical Incident Debriefing / Emotional Intelligence / Anger Management / Stress Management Coach. This extremely successful, proprietary process is viewed as an investment in senior executives, managers and key employees/associates.

   Dr. Freeman also works with pro athletes, CEOs, musicians, entertainers and other high-profile individuals.

   For 20 seasons Dr. Freeman served in player development as mentor/chaplain to the NBA Washington Bullets/Wizards (1978-98). During that time he worked (and still does) with a lot of professional athletes behind the scenes. He learned that it takes a big ego (the word is used in the most positive light) to play at the pro level. Perhaps we can substitute the word "confidence" for "ego."

   CEOs and other senior executives are similar to professional athletes in many ways. It takes a lot of confidence to play and work at their respective levels.

Joel A. Freeman

   The reasons for investing in a valued key employee may vary. Most organizations that introduce an employee to this process are sending the positive message -- "We value you. We want things to work out so that you can be the best at what you do...for a long time." In some situations, this process may be viewed as a last-ditch effort to salvage a stellar career that has been interrupted by any of the following:

I N C I D E N T    E X A M P L E S

  • outburst(s) of rage (throwing things, loud talking, etc.)

  • sexually-inappropriate gesture(s) or comment(s)

  • racist or prejudicial remark(s)

  • stress -- causing reduction in performance

  • personal grief -- causing a lack of performance

  • threats of workplace violence

  • domestic situations impacting work performance

  • coping with the threat of divorce/separation

"T.H.T.M." --
(Ten Hour Three Month) Process

   Dr. Freeman specializes in situations that may be referred to as CID -- "Critical Incident Debriefings". I like to call it "Confidential Incident Debriefing." The reason why they are viewed as "critical" is because something verifiable has happened (or a series of incidents) causing strain with the internal/external relationships around the organization, perhaps resulting in the lowering of morale and productivity. 

   In some cases there is the reality of a lawsuit (or threat of such) because of a recent critical incident or two. In other cases this program is viewed as more of a "preventative maintenance" measure. Dr. Freeman is skilled at customizing the T.H.T.M. Process so that it fits for each situation, whether a person comes voluntarily or is court-appointed. Strong feelings of resistance to engaging in a CID process like this is quite normal for many clients -- especially when told to do so. Joel is comfortable coaching clients who may feel that the allegations are unjust.

   Freeman specializes in working with high-energy, high profile, "Type-A" individuals who are looking for absolute confidentiality. A seasoned veteran, Dr. Freeman is a State-certified professional counselor, prolific author and world traveler (55+ countries). He is multiculturally astute.

   Dr. Freeman is virtually unshockable -- having coached a number of professional athletes, politicians, high-powered CEOs and other senior executives over the years. Joel views each person with utmost respect and dignity, regardless the situation.

   Dr. Freeman states, "It is hard for me to put into words how I do what I do, but somehow, because of the years of training and experience, I am able to relate to skilled and high-net-worth individuals who function at impressive levels of excellence in their careers. The chemistry that begins with the face-to-face meeting helps. But also I am able to bring in sound advice that executives or athletes respect...and then begin to see results as they implement that advice.

   "Emotional pain is the greatest change agent in anyone. When emotional pain outweighs the pleasure of any situation, the possibility for heart and behavior change is right around the corner.

   No one wants to change more than the person who is dealing with rage/stress issues. Once they experience the initial positive changes, hope begins to bloom within and then we build, incrementally, upon that hope.

   "Denial is part of the challenge, but I have certain techniques I use early on in the T.H.T.M. Process designed to gently challenge denial, blindness to negative behavior, or outright justification of negative behavior."
   A one-day seminar dealing with anger management or stress management doesn't begin to touch the deep-rooted issues generally associated with events surrounding the need for this unique CID process. It is easy to mask the contributing issues for 6 hours and get a certificate for attendance. The organization's legal and/or EEO box is checked...but generally the authentic transformation box remains unchecked.
   That's why Dr. Freeman developed the T.H.T.M. (Ten-Hour Three-Month) Process. He wanted something that would blend a longer period of time mixed with the immersion in practical principles that provide tools and skills for anger management.
   The time element is necessary, because the "flight into health," passive and/or aggressive resistance and other human defense mechanisms need to be smoked out in the first few weeks before the skills and tools can work in an authentic manner.


   An additional tool we can use is the customized online 360 Feedback instrument. This is designed to help provide a more complete understanding of the strengths and vulnerabilities of the one being coached. The data that emerges will give a more complete foundation for the entire coaching process.

   This process may be viewed as an effort to make someone more "promotable" -- taking an "A" rated employee and making him or her "A+". Or developing the interpersonal skills of a technically competent key employee.

   If you are an HR person viewing this option for some key employees in your organization, let's discuss ideas on how to roll out a program so that will be viewed as a positive benefit. If done right, this program can cause employees to clamor to be a part of it, rather than be viewed as the dog with fleas -- "What's wrong with him/her?"
-- (Dr. Freeman's cell: 410.991.9718)

© Copyright, 2001-NOW The Freeman Institute. All rights reserved. Nothing on this page may be used without
explicit written permission. Note: Reproduction of any kind, including copying and pasting, is strictly prohibited.



It will enhance his/her personal leadership skills, abilities and understanding.
It provides a gentle accountability for personal growth.
It will provide new, fresh direction -- objectivity.
It will enhance his/her promotion potential.






























































   The following T.H.T.M. CID Program is an effective two and a half month, ten-hour personalized process that has worked well for many satisfied key employees:

       First two hours --
   Dr. Freeman meets with the key employee in the Baltimore/Washington region or there are special travel arrangements made. This personal meeting helps to establish rapport, understanding and earning mutual respect. The presenting issues are discussed.

   Well over fifteen hundred dollars worth of profiles, inventories and tests are administered and interpreted, along with the development of an action plan. Everything discussed is held in strict confidentiality. Confidentiality is central to the success of this CID program. No evaluation or assessment is given to the Human Resources Department except at the client's request. The only paperwork between Dr. Freeman and the organization is a letter indicating the start and finish dates of the process. The proof of success is exhibited behaviorally over time. (read letter of endorsement below)

Anger Inventory, Personality Profile, Conflict Resolution Profile, Stress Management Inventory

   Depending upon the situation, the key employee travels to the Baltimore/Washington region (BWI Airport) for the initial consultation. This trip is invaluable, as it provides time for anyone in denial to reflect upon the seriousness of the situation. On rare occasions Dr. Freeman will travel to meet with the key employee (costs extra). Many organizations have a bricks and mortar presence in the Baltimore/Washington, DC region that can be utilized for such a meeting.

       Eight hours --
   For eight weeks thereafter the key employee and Dr. Freeman meet for an hour over the phone. The total THTM coaching process is ten hours over approximately three months. The secret of success is the saturation in leadership principles over a sustained period of time, combined with gentle accountability and the respect that is earned by both parties...


-- Dr. Freeman's personal cell: 410-991-9718 and email

An Incentive Idea That May Work For Your Organization

A 50/50 split on the cost required to implement the CID program...shared equally by the organization and the employee. The employee pays for half of the cost and then is reimbursed a year later by the organization if there have been no more recorded incidents. This generally is viewed by both the client and the organization as an additional incentive for behavioral change.


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 To Whom It May Concern,

   This letter is to provide a reference to our affiliation with Dr. Joel Freeman during the past several years at National HME, Inc.   We first engaged Dr. Freeman for our national manager’s conference in 2009 to speak to our leadership, providing methods of improving communication and excellence in service. 

   The success of his presentation lead us to engage in a more in depth relationship joining our team as our Corporate Coach that was expanded throughout our organization to three levels.  All of our executives were involved with Dr. Freeman on a monthly basis and our upper level and mid-level managers were involved on a less frequent basis. Dr. Freeman was involved in our management/leadership meetings yearly.  

   During his four years with National HME, he was able to work closely with our management team developing a company culture that was broad and deep.  Our company experienced rapid growth for several years expanding from one location in Texas to forty operating distribution sites throughout thirteen States. National HME, Inc. specializes in providing medical equipment for the hospice industry serving more than 20,000 patients on a daily basis and 400 teammates.  

   His expertise in developing and implementing a corporate Code of Conduct was invaluable.  The leadership of National HME was very impressed with Dr. Freeman’s ability to ensure that communication and accountability was always in the forefront of the organization.  With the growth of any organization it is imperative that openness and an ability to have a voice in the direction is recognized and appreciated.  This was a valuable and priceless direction that we enjoyed with the skill level that Dr. Freeman provided for our organization. 

   I recently stepped out of the role as the CEO of National HME, Inc. and now in a more passive role as the Executive Chairman.  I have worked with Dr. Freeman in other organizations for many years prior to National HME, Inc. and would certainly recommend him as a great contributor for excellence in your business endeavors.  

   Best regards,

 George R Robertson
   National HME, Inc., Executive Chairman & Founder



B U R E A U   O F   E N G R A V I N G   A N D   P R I N T I N G

  On behalf of the Office of Equal Employment Opportunity/Employee Counseling Service, Treasury Department, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, it is with great pleasure that I write this letter of reference for Dr. Joel Freeman. 

  This office has the responsibility to consult and counsel with individuals who bring a number of issues to the job that affects their personal life functioning and/or job performance. Additionally, we see many people file complaints based on allegations of discrimination. 

  I have known and had the opportunity to request the services of Dr. Freeman for the past seven years. Over the years we have made numerous referrals to Dr. Joel Freeman of The Freeman Institute. He has assisted employees with Critical Incident Debriefings as they relate to stress, anger management, grief, sexual harassment and other related issues that accompany traumatic events.

  Dr. Freeman has been an invaluable resource to our agency/office, always willing to assist our employees in working through the difficulties or situations they have encountered in their work and personal lives. 

  Whenever we have contacted him regardless of the hour, which is often beyond expected duty hours, he has been available to offer assistance in obtaining needed services or information. The comfort of knowing that we have access to someone of Dr. Freeman capabilities is reassuring and is an asset to anyone working in our metropolitan area and beyond.

  Our clients have enthusiastically raved about the services they have received from Dr. Freeman with comments such as “it’s so easy to talk with him”---“I got so much from Dr. Freeman about life and living”---"He has helped me think within the moment and not skip all the way to end and predict the outcome”. 

  One of our top management officials wanted to know ---“where have you been hiding him? When I was discussing one of my subordinates with him, he gave me some invaluable information. I feel like I need to have a few sessions with him myself!”

  Dr. Freeman is truly worthy of this letter of recommendation. It is very hard in these days and times to find an individual so committed to his work and willing to make a difference in helping others make positive changes in their lives.

  I’m pleased to have the opportunity to share with you what a precious asset Dr. Freeman has been to us and would certainly be the same to anyone having need of such services for their organization. 

  He has exhibited a genuine concern for the quality of life and is a highly perceptive person. His outlook in any situation is perseverance until the objective has been reached.

      Jean Pitts
          A. Jean Pitts, Chief (retired)
          Office of EEO Employee Counseling Service
          Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Washington, D.C.

© Copyright, 2001-NOW The Freeman Institute. All rights reserved. Nothing on this page may be used without explicit written permission.
Note: Reproduction of any kind, including copying and pasting, is strictly prohibited. 


"The HR Director's Best Friend"

The cost-effective alternative to employee education.
Target training. Many topics. Certificates of completion.

This Customized Coaching Program is not intensive therapy. Even though therapeutic dynamics are utilized, the Program is viewed as coaching.
Confidentiality is necessary for the integrity of the coaching process.
The subject matters discussed are considered private and confidential
with the key employee and no one else.

Some organizations put Dr. Freeman on retainer. The best way to
develop a comfort level for the retainer option is to do a pilot program with
one key employee and evaluate the positive results.


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founded by law students, dedicated to sports and entertainment law

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