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   Have you read the information on The Freeman Institute web site about Truthcentrism and / or the book/film, Return To Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man?

   If so, you are welcome to express your "unvarnished opinions". As we receive responses we will publish those opinions on this "Assault and Flattery" page. The email from Lenese (from Caribbean) below got us thinking about providing the "Assault and Flattery" forum on this web page. Please use profanity if you do not want to be listed.

   Perhaps this first email response will stir up some thoughtful dialogue about the message contained in Return To Glory. Email your thoughts today and you will see them on this page in the future. In your email, please indicate:
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What happened? What are you feeling now as you reflect back?
What wisdom lessons can you pass on?

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  Subject: Response to Return to Glory (First post to this page, which gave us the idea for this forum...)
From: Caribbean
   I have viewed most of the website and have also heard about the book but have not yet had the chance to read it. However, everyone (Whites & Blacks) I know who has, concede that it is a powerful book. Where I live (CARIBBEAN) the subject of racial prejudice and inequalities are very prevalent, though not as exposed as it is in your country. Here it is very subtle, and I think this is the worst type. The site seems quite comprehensive except that there was no place provided for individual opinions. One suggestion: as you progress you can probably make the addition of a chat room, (but supervised -- this is a volatile topic and discussions can get out of hand). This will provide an opportunity for people who genuinely want reconciliation, to talk about the book and what the knowledge provided in it has done for them, and they can help others. I believe talking is an important part of healing.

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From: East African living USA
   I have not read your book yet but I am very excited about what you are doing. It is about time that true history is told and I wish that more would be rewritten.  As an east African who grew up in America, I have come to the realization that black and white racial issues will never completely be resolved. Mainly because oppressed people can not simply get over their oppression over a generation…not even over several generations and this is true with any racial groups not only African Americans. Take a look at world’s conflicts. I am not making an excuse merely stating its human nature.

The debate about African American claiming ancient Egypt civilization, the only claim that African American would or should have is that the ancient Egyptians were unmistakably black. African American are not saying that their ancestors are from North East Africa, it’s common knowledge that the slaves of the new world were from West Africa not east Africa. But as a people who have been stripped out of their identity and history, it is legitimate for African American to be proud of the accomplishment of any black people and the fact that they are not from the same bloodline is irrelevant. White Americans mostly of Irish/English descendents have the right to claim European civilizations and even replicated the laws and art of the Romans and constantly wrote about the greatness of the Roman Empire, African American should have the same right of pride in their race.

Maybe this would not be such a big issue if the true contributions of the black race to civilization would not be denied. What’s sad is that the western world would go to the extent of denying the truth about African people in order to deny Africans what was truly accomplished by them to promote their own race and to also to justify their intrusion on the African people. By accepting the truth about Africans being capable of civilization would not necessarily strip them out of their own contributions to civilization but to claim all of our contributions to civilization are unjust to our people.

As to the guy commenting about his friend being “livid” about African American “hijacking” Egypt, what a hypocrisy…she/he needs to know that the Arabs are the last people amongst other intruders through out Egypt history that have invaded Egypt or we would not be having this discussion.

I also want to address the stereotype about African physical characteristics…people from Africa have different characteristics just as any other continent so…. to not have the typical physical characteristics of Sub Saharan African (Dark skin, flat nose, kinky hair etc) does not mean you are not black or mixed as some people say about modern day Ethiopians, Eritrean, Somalis and Sudanese the original people of Kush, Nubia and Sudan.  I just wish that this debate was not about self promotion but about learning about true facts. Where I came from this was not an issue because our history is told to us without books but now that we are on this side of the world we have to affirm true history and claim what’s ours for our future generations.

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Subject: Response to this page
From: Caribbean
   What is wrong with some of you people who don't believe that true Africans are intelligent enough to civilize a nation. I'm not talking about ancient Egyptians, but other African people. There are pyramids and archeological evidence in South America and Central America that clearly depicts Negroes as the astute people who brought astronomy to these civilizations. There are statues of pure Negroes that depicts this. Scientist test these statues by carbon dating and they date back to before the time of the Vikings and other Europeans crossed the Atlantic Ocean. This is fact and was just recently on the Discovery Channel. However they stated themselves that, "This knowledge contradicts all that we have been taught about the first people that crossed Americas from the east, besides the Native Americans. Back to the Egypt thing! It is obvious that the ancient Egyptians who build the pyramids were of Negro origin. Eventually they started to mix with the whites and Semites who changed their genetic make up. As one goes from the old dynasty to the new dynasty, it is evident in the changes of the depiction of the Egyptians that they were an evolving people. Just look at structure like the sphinxes. They are undeniably Negro in features. The Sphinxes and pyramids are from the time of true Negro rule before race mixing happened in Africa. Another thing! There are "tribes" of African people in India, China, South America and North America who' the Europeans met there when they came to colonize these nations. These things were "accidentally" left out of the history books. When there Europeans came to conquer and rule, they need to establish themselves as the superior so it would have been no benefit for them to include anything about the great past Negro civilization that they were discovering. They need to have people support slavery so Negroes had to be viewed as beasts and sub-human. It is a fact that thousands of mummies from Egypt was used as fuel and burned. We don't know they genetic make up of them. They could have been the Negro fathers and mothers of Egyptian civilization. If one looks at the origin of different races, we see that Caucasians came from Russia's caucus mountains and settled into the countries below. The African came from Africa and moved north. If I had to bet based on statistical analysis and historical evidence like the bible, I would bet that the Ancient Egyptians were Black/Negro. Just like the blacks in America are viewed. 

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From: Texas
   I just finished reading the "Return To Glory" and I am amazed and very intrigued by all the information. Being a Christian and having some biblical knowledge I know that some of the things are true because I've read them in the Bible and my pastor have taught on them. We started bible study in the old Testament and we're up to Exodus now. I am a black woman and this book caught my eye in the book store. I could not put it down !!!!!!! I want to buy it for all my male family members - I
feel that it is such an explosive testimony of truth which has been lacking in our society for so very long. The old cliché "the truth hurts" is very real in this case. America, Egypt, etc. does not want to
claim us. We're descendants of Africa/Egypt etc. but most of us were born in America. We've been treated worse than second class citizens. Why do I always feel like I have to prove that I am American - anyone can come to America and be treated better than blacks. It's really sad, but I
have the hope in Jesus Christ and I know we are already VICTORIOUS !!!! I can't wait to do some some reading on some of the material you have listed to back up these truths. Thank you for being Christian men willing to stand on the Word, and help a race in need of affirmation.

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  Subject: I am Egyptian, but not Black
From: ?
   I am an Egyptian of pure (Coptic) blood. I am not black. The ancient Egyptians were not black but rather Semito-Hamitic with Mediterranean features. This is the stance of all the prominent Egyptologists both Egyptian and foreign. Egyptians are mostly tan and white in this day and as I have been to Egypt and seen first hand the tomb paintings the pharaohs and laborers are red and live skinned. Only foreigners and captives are painted black. Stop lying about the Egyptians, I think we know who we are and we don't need people trying to take credit from us. We are an Egyptian-Arab civilization and that is that!

*************************************************** Post Reply
  Subject: Response to "I am Egyptian, but not Black"
From: USA
Name: Omara
   I am a proud black woman.  I was however taken aback by the comment written by P.E on your site.  It seems like this individual was so hot headed about even being remotely linked to blacks.  It goes to show just how far some people will go to deny the even 5% black blood they may have running through their veins.  It was shocking to know that, that comment was coming from someone who was from an African country.  Last time I checked, Egypt was located in northern Africa which makes you my dear P.E, an African.
You claim to be Egyptian, but not black?  I will have you know then, that we blacks are not hijacking any of your Egyptian heritage, but rather stating that European Americans are trying to hijack the Egyptian heritage and linking it to the white diaspora, which you seem to have no problem with.  You are not black, so that  does not make you pure Egyptian as you state. There are black Egyptians, in their pure state. You are a watered down version claiming to be anything other than black. 
The real heroes of Egypt was the pure black Egyptians, and not the mixed and watered down version of  yourself who don't want to be associated with them, but would rather be linked to the persons who colonized you and forced themselves upon your ancestors.  You also claim that on the Egyptian tombs it is clear by the paintings that they were of lighter complexions fighting of a blacker hued individuals.  What exactly was your point in making that statement?  Did you not know, coming from Africa, that there are many different hues of African people.  Some of the south African tribes are lighter skin with slanted eyes, does that make them any less black.  That is what is so wonderful about black people we go from the lightest of light to the darkest of black, and its all beautiful and wonderful.  What other group of people can claim such range and hues of beautifulness?   If you would like to delve further into  your heritage and acquire proof of the black Egyptian in you check this website --  -- and be more informed about your  own heritage next time before you are so quick to denounce your blackness. My regards, A proud and informed black woman.

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  Subject: Response to Egyptians Being Black
From: USA
   I would like to say that it really doesn't matter if Egyptians are Black or not. All of mankind comes from a common origin. All great civilizations belong to us all!

  However, lets look at the term Hamitic. It is true, that today it is the Northeast Africans who scholars call Hamitic. We all know that term derives from the name Ham, who historically has been known as the Father of Africa, parts of Asia, Arabia etc. Scholars have also said that Blacks, American Indians, Asians, Polynesians, all come from a different son or grandson of Ham, which as been the the thought for centuries.

  I'm a Black American, and it kills me that people still don't understand we all don't look the same. Not all West Africans have so called Negro Features, there is a variety. All blacks in ancient times were Hamites/Hamitic people. The majority of scholars associate Black Americans, Australian Aborigines, Jamaicans. and all of Black Africa as coming from Cush eldest son of Ham. The few scholars that don't agree with that don't agree with Cush, say that Black Americans come from Phut third son of Ham. Almost all universally agree that we come from Ham period.

  Egypt being the second son of Ham has a very intertwined history with Kush. Just as the book of Genesis tells us that they are brother nations. Egypt had Nubian royalty besides their 100 year reign during the 25th dynasty. Queen Tiye Black Nubian married Ahmenhotep III and became Queen of Egypt. Her son was Akhenaten and grandson was King Tut.

  Black Americans came from somewhere. Many West African tribes have been traced back to the Nile. The Mandingos instance, their oral history says they come from the East and from the Land of the Bow. Scholars say they brought the straight horned ox from the Nile. The Akan of the Ashanti are known to practice ancient Pharaonic rituals. Many West African tribes have been found to have similar words to ancient Egyptian befrore Egypt used a Coptic language. Words for dog, cattle, spirit have the same basic connection and ther are hundreds of other words. Tribes like the Wolof, Banmara, Malinke, Soninke, SuSu and many others that came as slaves to the Americas.

  We shouldn't rush to conclusions so quickly. Many friends and family members ar often thought to be other than black, and people have a hard time believing them. One friend went to Egypt, and they thought he was Nubian. Lets research before we accuse.

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  Subject: FROM White Pride Alexandria (W.P.A)
  From: USA
Andreas Demetriou

  The Real Egyptians are white. Nxxxxxx where used as  

  A White Man from the real capital of Egypt, Alexandria.!

 "Nxxxxx Nxxxxx GET ON THAT BOAT Nxxxxx Nxxxxx ROW , Nxxxxx Nxxxxx GET OUT OF HERE Nxxxxx Nxxxxx GO GO GO"

  Organization for the Defence of the White Heritage.
  White Power Alexandria (W.P.A)

  NOTE: Here is the real cover of the RTG book --> 

^^^^^ -- ABOVE -- ^^^^^
Reworked image of
RTG book that came
with Andreas' email.

***************************************************************  Post Reply
  Subject: Response to this page
From: USA
   African religion gave the West Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The idea of the Trinity, the Ten Commandments (42 Negative Confessions). Abraham was not born in Europe, as was not Moses, as was not Jesus nor Muhammad. What was Europe's contribution again? Connect the dots, please. The great Christian theologist St. Augustine was a black African, at least his 2 parents were! Were was the first Christian church built (Rome or Carthage)? Cartage (Phoenicia), home of the 'Moors.' But the Moors, like the Egyptians weren't black. Except when the Shakespeare (English) wanted to write a Moorish play (Othello). Or when Herodotus wanted to write a contemporary history. 

  When did the Jewish, Christian expansion to Europe happen? (Rome 3/400 hundred years after the birth of Christ) The genes of the Lemba in South Africa, the Falasha Jews of Ethiopia and West African conclaves show Hebrew markers! The so-called Cohan (priest) gene. Europe root language and writing system is Asiatic (Sanskrit), Europe decided to 'name it' Indo-European! The wheel? Europe was the last continent to develop (read your European history before 800 B.C., dare you). Europeans did not have the mathematical concept of zero until Arab (North Africans) translated their math books for them (algebra is an Arabic word! as is many of your higher mathematical names). 

  After the Crusades, these Arabic translations were translated into European languages (it took quite awhile, ever thought about why the 'Enlightenment' period followed the Crusades and the Dark ages)? A thousand years of...? One of the greatest black African scholars was Al-Jahiz (Black African Muslim). Who translated the first Greek and Latin works for Europeans? (read the Greek historian 'Herodotus'). Greeks philosophers and 'learned' men were going to study in the sub-Saharan African Universities (Jena,Timbucktoo as well as Cairo). The Dogon peoples (tribes is a European 'title') charted the stars and had a mathematical system. The first University in Europe was the one the Moors built in Spain. Egypt had been conquered by the Assyrians, Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Turks as well as the English. I wonder why the modern Egyptian phenotype doesn't look like a West African? 

  Though many, very many would be looked upon as an African-American by sight. Have you ever seen Egyptian presidents Anwar Saddat or Mubarik? How about Colin Powell, the son of 2 African-Americans? In a thousand years, will his portrait be considered black? Do modern Egyptians consider themselves black? Ask Egyptain-born school teacher, Dr. Mostafa Hefny who sued for his right to be 'classified' as black against the American government's OMB Directive #15. Dr. Hefny stated "my complexion is as dark as most Black Americans. My features are clearly African. Classification as it is done by the United States government provides whites with legal ground to claim Egypt as a White civilization. We are fools if we allow them to take this legacy from us." African had it's slavery before the Portuguese landed on it's shores as well as every other culture (the word slave came from the enslavement of European 'Slavonic' people).

  The greatest difference with the Trans-Atlantic slave trade was not only basic behavior of Europeans toward Africans, Indians, Asian as well as any 'other' people they encountered but the institutional racialization (and rationalization) of a culture that taught (comforted) themselves that slavery was inherently racial and a justifiable condition of inferior 'groups'. The pseudoscientific rationalization of the 'superior races,' which science has refuted more than enough times but alas without much effect it seems. There are no 'pure' Europeans! Vistigoths, Vandals, Goths, Basques, Picts, Celts, Gaelics, Angles, Franks, Normans, Saxons, Iberians, Slavs (read earlier works on 'Slavs' with an 'E' added) etc....

  Learn ancient European history (as late as 900 A.D.) and that point will quickly become moot. The English learned the rules of their brand of slavery from their own 'Irish' slave trade. Remember when they were a separate and uncivilized 'race.' Read the 'Statute of Kilkenny,' the earliest race law. 16th century English policy concerning the Irish ("Every Irishman shall be forbidden to wear English apparel or weapon upon pain of death. That no Irishman, born of Irish race and brought up Irish, shall purchase land, bear office, be chosen of any jury, or admitted witness on any real or personal action, nor be bound apprentice to any science or art. ...") in Ireland sounded very familiar to black slavery codes.

  Pilgrims fleeing to escape public burnings (religious persecution). Later the British emptied their overcrowded jails and 'ghettoes' in England (for a price) to provide the American colony with cheap labor as well as buffer against the Native American. Where these poor and criminalized section of the English and Celtic population were also exploited. Historical selective memory? Remember the penal (prison) colony of Australia? You may believe Galileo and da Vinci are related to you but the illiteracy rate for Europe at the time was 85-95% including Royalty. Books were in not in Europe first either. 
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  Subject: Return to Glory DVD
From: United States of America
Bob Goodsalt 

   I just watched your excellent production "Return to Glory" today.

  Africa is a basket case, the "black man" was brought here in chains. What is the modern American born Afro-American male to think? Love GOD and do NOT fear! Africans created one of the most magificant civilizations the human race has ever produced! Several thousand years later the world is still digging up treasures they produced.

  Goodness and evil are both equal-opportunity employers. They do not give a damn what color you are - they just want you on their side. Life is a war between good and evil, and an opportunity to choose which side we will belong to.

  I fundamentally object to the classifications of "black" and "white". You are not "black", you are brownish (whatever that means...). I am not "white", I am "beige" (thank you very much) - with a touch of translucence thrown in. In fact, I do look like a "cracker". The less opaque the skin, the more we see what goes on under the surface of humans. All the sickly details of blood flow and various aberations. If you doubt this, watch the latest Wesley Snip vampire movie... 

  What is wrong with Africa has NOTHING to do with race. ALL of man's follies have to do with his relationship to GOD - period. Africans descended into paganism and it wiped them out. White people today are exactly dumb enough to do the same thing and are in the process of destroying themselves the same way. The European Union is debating whether to include "God" in their constitution... FOOLS!!! In America, self-absorbed hedonistic white hippy atheist communist God-hating scum are preaching a rejection of Judeo-Christian values.

  I saw a recent sermon that the African church is particularly good at spiritual warfare. You made a similar point in your video. We NEED warriors equipped for spiritual warfare against the lies of Satan and I guess that means YOU! HELP!!! :O   Jesus: Don't Leave Earth Without Him!
**************************************************************** Post Reply
Subject: Response to information on web site
From: USA
   Sir.....For informational purposes only : Africa never had " Kings and Queens. The titles , "Kings and Queens" are , European titles. The glorious White man named African Black leaders as, "Chiefs'. Chiefs had many wives. "best wife, second best wife , third best wife etc. Never Kings and Queens. Sub-saharan Africans never discovered agriculture, a coherent religion, writing, the wheel, philosophy or any teachings that was of use for the civilized world at large. Africans sold into slavery by their own people brought nothing with them. Even the meager clothes they wore were taken from them. Everything present day Blacks have is due to the Arabs or the White man, for good or bad. Your religion, your language both written and spoken are benefits Blacks have derived from Whites.

  Above the Sahara, Blacks had glory days in ancient times. Nubia, Kush, Punt to name but three.
However, most slaves of the mid-1500's were not from any of those lands. Most slaves came from sub-sahara Africa. Present day Blacks are 'piggy-backing' on the acheivements of successful Blacks north of the Sahara . It is akin to a Yugoslavian taking credit for acheivements of Irishmen. The same continent but entirely different peoples.

  I have several Egyptian friends. One of whom is connected with the Cairo Museum. She has been livid upon learning American Blacks have literaly hi-jacked their culture , as are her associates. Dr Hawass, the famous Egyptologist would love to acquaint you and other 'piggy-backers' as to the real Egyptian culture. They are not Black. To invent a history is one thing;, to hi-jack another peoples is another thing entirely......

  Blacks , in general may have been successful on the sub-continent but we will never know since they never invent writing. However, if the way many primitive tribes still live is any indication, slavery was the best thing to have ever happened to the Black man. The decendents of those slaves are the ones who have benefitted, without a doubt. You certainly wouldn't want to live in present day Nigeria, Uganda or Zimbabwe, would you ?

  The "slave masters' were the slave brokers, the Arabs. They sold to all comers including other Blacks.....It is curious that American Blacks will drop what is considered by them a slave name, in favor of the slave broker, his name and religion, Islam.
--- George Thomas

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  Subject: Response to the Ancient Egyptian Photo Gallery
From: Minneapolis MN
Dave -- An English-Irish-Scotch-Norwegian-French American
   Your Egyptian pictures are very interesting and well done, and some I hadn't seen before. But my overall impression is "so what?".

  1. Many of the Egyptian people you portray (not all) don't look very Negroid - only "somewhat" Negroid.
  2. If Khafre was the model for the Sphinx, then I was the model for the Statue of Liberty and the Mona Lisa.
  3. The mix of people found in 450 BC may have been quite different from those of 2500 BC. In fact, we note a tendency towards sloppiness in their art as the Dynasties advance.
  4. But even if Negroes did all these wonderful things several thousand years ago, so what? Does that mean I should embrace the man in the car next to me with his stereo blasting out rap music while his car windows are rolled down? Should I yell out to him, "Hey, blood, here's to your ancestors!". The so-called "blacks" of Egypt *appear* to be far more cultured and civilized than those here in America (as a general rule). Too bad they didn't make any tape recordings of their voices and music.
  5. If they were great once, let them be great again. Let them begin by building a replica of Khufu's pyramid. Then we'll talk...
 Mainframe computer programmer
 Minneapolis, MN

 PS: There's no solid evidence that the Egyptians built Khufu's pyramid, anyway.
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  Subject: Response to Web Site
 From: USA
Delvin Baldwin
   I have always been fascinated about African American history, when the movie Amistad hit the movie theaters I cried like a baby when I learn that so many of my ancestors were murdered simply because they were black. I have been dealing with discrimination, racism, inequality ever since I knew what those words meant, and my battle with such racial demonic spirits is ongoing, and I am no ways from being tired. I long for the day that the truth about our history is revealed convincingly without any debate from our oppressors, so if I can be of any assistance in your movie, please don't hesitate to ask.Thanks for giving me this opportunity to voice my opinion. Delvin L. Baldwin 

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Subject: Response to Web Site
 From: ?
   i do feel that there is a need to claim all peoples of Arican decent even from the Nile to the Euphraties... it was and is still Africa even after the cutting of the Suaz. The ancient Hebrew were and are Black. there were no Europeans at the time of the climax of those Afro-Asiatic Nations and Semites are Aro-Asiatics... not Caucus peoples. www.kingdomofyah explains who we are and our migration as many Nations even as far back as 500 BCE did to the west coast. i still love your work. This along with the book "Blacks in Antiquity" are sure and valid resources to have. lets claim back our history. Even the first Greeks and Romans. its all ours. Not cause i am on a race kick, but for the sake of Truth and my childrean. thank you. Shalom
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Subject: Response to Web Site
 From: ?
   I'll break the ice right away, after viewing multiple Egyptian artifacts I can see that the Egyptians were certainly not black. This is the same type of bullsh*t propaganda that white supremacists use to assert that Nordics formed the foundation of Egyptian culture. Even in the supposed Egyptian race comparison guide in your gallery, the "Indo-European" man looks far more like a Mongol, and dark hair was simply not a trait of the late indo-Europeans. Also, if you look at Tutankhamun's coffin, there is a clear portrait of Egyptians fighting off a much darker race. If you don't believe me, have a good look at Tutankhamun's chair too.

  Anthropologists have classified the Egyptians of the old kingdom as a sub-race known as "Mediterraneans," this race has mixed out of existence, and later dynasties reveal artifacts and portraits of people who clearly have Semitic or Nordic blood. Egyptologists have determined that the early Egyptians slowly moved north to the coast of Africa, and there are traces of battles with Negroes. There is also evidence that the Negroes had a culture of their own that is somewhat advanced, but it might also have been the remains of the Mediterranean race. Read into it, but don't compile black propaganda.

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  Subject: Response to Web Site
From: ?
Calling you on your B--- S---!
   Why do you try desperately to try to connect yourself with the Egyptians. It is like the Irish trying to take responsibility for the glories of Rome because they are from Europe too. Your slant on Egyptian history is false and innaccurate. You only have to look at the countless mummies of pharoahs with their NON-negroid hair (sometimes red brown as in the case of the mummy of Rameses II) and the tomb paintings where they  are portrayed as BLACK with bongo lips and cranial head shapes that look like evolving apes. The Egyptians were proud of their heritage and took great pains to establish how they were represented in art. And it is obvious that they didn't want to be mistaken for the people that lived to the South of Egypt. It is obvious that you being the miserable descendant of slaves are trying to connect yourself with a much more interesting and important culture. Your argument might be believable if the slaves of Africa were imported from Egypt. Your argument also might be beleivable if the language, gods, art and architecture of southern Africa were similar to Egyptian. BUT THEY ARE NOT!!!! Face it- you are the miserable progeny of a diseased and ignorant race of loincloth, bone in the nose wearing savages from the anywhere but Egypt. You make me sick!
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  Subject: Response to information on web site
From: USA


Post Reply
Subject: Response to a letter from this page
From: ?
Name : Chris

   Yes, I just want to say that mainly the race that Egyptians belonged to is a battleground between many people online. African-Americans who are mainly descended from West Africans, and Whites, most of who have no clue to the Egyptians. Now, a Kushite descendent speaks. I'm Eritrean by national descent, by bloodline and tribal line, I am Nubian-Kushite, Nubian-Puntite(Eritrea and surrounding areas were ancient Punt), Sabean( Blacks on both sides of southern Red Sea), and Axumite. The latter 3 replace each other with time. As for Egyptian bloodline, unlikely. It seems strange that Blacks are stereotyped as dark skin, flat nose, kniky hair, etc. Whites come in various forms, but you are all White, everyone sees you as that, and most of our proud of that. Good. So are we Blacks. I was shocked to find out that every African civilization, including Egypt before White Euro's and Asians migration and invasions, have Kushite influence. Or that most of Africa made up the Kushite Empire from Pre-Egypt times to early 300's. Pure blooded Egyptians were Black from northeast Africa, so many of them had NE African features, like Eritreans, Ethiopians, Sudanese, Somali, etc. So that ancient unification between ancient Africans give Black Americans little claim. We modern Nubians (Northeast Africans) get full claim to Egypt, all of Nubia, Sabea, and other Black civilizations in our domains. And some guy said that his friends were Egyptian and were pissed because their culture was taken? They're Arabs by bloodline and Egyptian by nationality, the last and successful invaders of not just Egypt, but most African civilizations by manipulating Islam, as terrorists do today. Same applies to Berbers of N. Africa, though they were ancient whites who moved from Asia 5,000+ years ago. So every one not of Nubian bloodline, don't come here claiming ours. Many early white "historians, archeologists, etc.", when manipulating findings, stories, and facts in general, said that we Northeast blacks are Hamitic, that we don't have the Negro look. A great book is BLACK SPARKS, WHITE FIRE by Richard Poe, or THEY CAME BEFORE COLUMBUS. The first is Mexican-Russian Jew, second Guyanese Black, and they have unbiased facts that everyone into ancient history should look to. And I'm just here to let everyone know about accurate historical facts, not to bash on you. It was just 2 years ago I found out my bloodline as Nubian, and my pride with it. 
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  Subject: Response to Return To Glory
From: USA
   I've read your book. It is excellent. Good references. This book introduced me to the works of Ivan Van Sertima and many other scholars whose works I have purchased. To have a white male involved as co-author was an interesting twist. A little distracting but still okay. A reviewer below made some euro-centric remarks about Africans not being so great, killing each other in Rwanda, etc. Newsflash to him (her) and others. Racism is being able to see faults in others while not being able to see the same in yourself. Example, white people kill each other and call it ethnic cleansing. World War II was based on a German white man (Hitler) causing genocide to German white Jews. Anyway, this book was very good. I have an East African friend reading it right now. Thanks to the authors.

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Subject: Response to information on web site
From: Canada
Name: Terry
   Please allow me to give you some feedback about my personal reaction to your book. I must state that this is my personal reaction and I am not speaking on behalf of anyone else nor any organization.

I have visited your links below, viewed the photo gallery, and read the first chapter, along with the reviews. WOW! Either I am incredibly naive or the 'Black/White' issues in Canada is not as huge as it is in the U.S.. I have never grown up even considering that "black people" were a debtor to society nor sub human. Therefore, I also would not have thought about "Instead of being a debtor to humanity, black people were the foundation, the very spring, from which civilization as we know it has flowed.". With that said, I am surprised by the book, Return to Glory. It appears at first read like it is written with a great deal of animosity and hurt. I certainly was taken back to think that I, and all Caucasians, are being portrayed as oppressors of the African American. I await the opportunity to read the rest of the book because I have great difficulty in believing that is the tempo of the whole book. I realize that this is not written with a Caucasian as its primary reader and would hope that you take some care in clarifying that this is not an anti white book but rather, as the title suggests, a Return to Glory--I did not get that feeling while visiting the site. 

I'm sure that being a Canadian I am sheltered from some of the issues that my brothers to the south face and therefore am somewhat naive. Please understand that this is the platform from which I write. I respect and that you for actually taking a stand and that someone like Tony Campolo endorses the book. However, I think it is dangerous, and isolating, to build up any one people group as the one and only means from which our civilization has flowed. Personally, I don't believe for one second that any one people group, the Greeks, Romans, or Egyptians were the "foundation... from which civilization as we know it has flowed.". I am certainly not speaking as an expert (or as one who is highly informed for that matter) but you may want to take a look at an even older civilization--that of the Orientals (specifically the Chinese). I await the opportunity to read the whole book and be enlightened,
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Subject: Response to the historical overview page
From: USA
   if the africans wre so wise and powerful what the hell happened and dont say you trusted us and got screwed africans wre ruthless they sold thier own in to slavery and when the british refused to buy slaves or allow them to be traded you killed them for meesing with your money and it was a pity for the african captives after that because they didnt turn enemies loose but tried to kill them all just check out rawanda same practice if they could have sold those hutus you know they would have 
*********Here was an anonymous reply to Michael's post*******************************
Michael, first learn to spell correctly before you make a complete idiot of yourself as you have done. No one believes you, a fool who cannot spell has no creditably.

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  Subject: Response to Return To Glory
From: USA
Name: Marshae
   I just finished reading Chapter 1 of Return to Glory....and I must say that it was very compelling and invoked a lot of feeling inside of me. I am a young African-American female who has recently gone through a tremendous transition. I was always happy go lucky, carefree, and loved everybody, that is until I woke up in the real world. Now, when I read or hear about a crisis that an African-American person, usually male, has gone through simply because of his race, I feel a direct impact. Now, I feel so much anger and resentment towards groups of people rather than individuals. I know this to be wrong and I have full intentions of cleansing myself of these thoughts and feelings. I believe my knowledge of African-American Heritage and on the African-American experience is very limited. This book is exactly what I need to begin the process of enriching my life and maybe helping me resolve my conflicts within. Thank you. Congratulations to you both on a great book.
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Subject: Response to Return To Glory
From: USA
   I have read your book and I was impressed. The first ten chapters had me sitting on the corner of my seat. The latter part of the book is obviously for people who were searching. Thanks for your time and effort I have recommended your book "Return to Glory" to many of my friends who have questions but do not want to ask.

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  Subject: Social System of America
From: Ghana
   I read the first chapter of your book and believe you are on to one hot topic which as an African, pan African and student who rejected the social system of America (insofar as it relates to the black man's position in that same society as well as the societal institutions for perpetuating the society) as seen through someone at Princeton University. I would like to read this book as well as place a link to it on my website.
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  Subject: A Travesty
From: ?
Name: AmirahLibra
   I am appalled that an Afrikan man ( our true origin) is cohabitating w/ descendants of the slave master to write a book for young Afrikan men. If you felt a need to write this book and was unable to do it alone there are many Afrikan men you could have selected. This is just another instance of the Caucasian who slaughtered the Native Americans, robbed, stole, enslaved and colonized the Continent of Afrika being given free rein to further think he knows more about us than we ourselves.

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  Subject: Huh?
From Australia
Michael Schoeman
   I haven't read this book, but happened to stumble onto your message. I don't understand why you are so appalled by the fact that an Afrikan man collaborated with another person. because that's all they are, 2 people. why do you feel you have to bring race into the equation? You speak of the caucasian people as though they can be blamed for the terrible happenings of history. That makes you a racist because you've condemed someone because of the colour of their skin, instead of seeing them as their own individual.  What happened to the Afrikan people was terrible, but had nothing to do with us. we are their decendants, but are completely different people to them and cannot be blamed for their actions. I am from south africa, so i'm probably more african then you are. You should wake up and realise that who someone is, has nothing to do with race, be it Afrikan or Caucasian. 
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Subject: Afrocentric is Better View
From United Kindgom
   I recently read an article you wrote on Afro and Eurocentric ideaologies in regards to Ancient Egypt.
On the most part, I favour the Afrocentric view point over the Eurocentric. African Americans live in a society that has mostly been hostile to them, they have had little to no rights and had their culture/histroy/religions etc ripped away from them. It is legitimate and understandable that they seek to establish their place in world history and in doing so they have claimed ancient Egypt. What is a let down to their plight is the disregard I have seen many of them show modern Egyptians, who they have decided are 'invaders'. Neither side of the spectrum (Euro and Afro) have bothered to build a bridge to actual Egyptians. Neither has asked them how they view themselves. They have pushed their ideas of race and identity onto them which is ironic for Afrocentrics because the very thing they are fighting against (race and colonialism) is the very thing they sometimes use as their standards. The self determination of Egyptians is just as important as African Americans and they have just as much if not more rights to claim ancient Egypt.

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  Subject: Afrocentrism?
From Georgia, USA
Name: Angela
 I don't even know where to start. My father was a black studies professor for many years, and he set me on the path of black discovery. He is good friends with Haki Madhubuti, Sam Greenlee, and Douglas Turner Ward. He has been giving me black American and African literature and biographies, political essays and magazines my whole life. I earnestly set out to give my children an afrocentric education 11 years ago when we started homeschooling. They learned the TRUTH--and they shunned all that circular black nonsense. I know of a young man whp talked about the eurocentric education he passively received in school. I submit that the reason that's all he knows is because he waited for someone else to impart knowledge to him.
People of European descent research and spread knowledge that is meaningful to them, and we must do the same if we want to educate our children and ourselves. But with our getting, we must get understanding. Just because it’s black doesn’t mean it’s better, any more so than if it’s white. Maulana Karenga, Jwanza Kunjufu, and Naim Akhbar have been talking about the same stuff forever. My husband and I heard those guys speak at a Black Man’s Think Tank over 20 years ago, and they’re still talking the same thing. Nobody has prospered from that thinking. If anything, it’s gotten worse. The pathology in the black community is enough to make you want to curl up in a fetal position and weep for a year. Black people used to know that we had to be twice as good to do half as well.
That reality hasn’t changed, even though our perception has. We spend more time looking for the back door than it would take us to plow down the front door! We are fighting the wrong battle. Rather than trying to force the schools, or the man, or anyone else external that they are wrong, racist, evil, whatever, we should take our children in our own hands and raise them to be excellent. That is why we homeschool...
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  Subject: Black Egypt
  From: United States

   My name is Maryam Toson, i myself is Egyptian. I believe and agree with you 100% about egypts history. I myself started to question it at a young age, my complexion is very white, but some of my features arent so caucasian, i have the thick curly hair and the curvaceous body. Either way i always did my research and was well aware of the nubians. I always told my parents this, but they always disagreed with me, it annoys me as to how ignorant and blind people/egyptians can be. Just face the facts! I was in egypt this march visiting and seeing temples. I met nubians and seen how dark they were and still spoke their native tongue. I dont even speak arabic myself, lol. Either way just wanted to let you know that i agree with you and thank you for having your videos. 

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   Your reply is next?
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  5. Silver Civil War locket (1860s), containing two tin-type pictures of African American women, worn by an African American soldier.
  6. The Rosetta Stone, a First Edition 55-page article
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  7. Riggs Bank check written and signed on July 3, 1907 by Judson W. Lyons, ex-slave from Georgia and first African-American lawyer to practice in the state of Georgia. He was appointed Register of the US Treasury from 1898-1906 and as such, his signature appeared on US currency issued during those years.
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