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 "Truth and morning become light with time." -- Ethiopian Proverb

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These bylaws are the principles by which Return to Glory operates. They have been prepared to answer the following questions:

1.Who spends the money you donate, and who decides how that money is spent? (In other words, whose hands are in the cash register?)
2.Who oversees Return to Glory and determines that it is fulfilling its promises? (In other words, are you guys going to do what you say you're going to do?)

If you still have questions about these bylaws or Return to Glory, please contact us at the street address, telephone number, or e-mail address listed in Article III.

Thank You,

Joel Freeman & Don Griffin


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Return To Glory (hereafter known as RTG) is a part of and accountable to the National Heritage Foundation (hereafter known as NHF) and therefore shares in their non-profit 501(c)(3), 509(a)(1) federal tax status  (TIN 58-2085326). (Now we are able to accept tax deductible donations online! See below.)



Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D. & Donald B. Griffin, M.A.


The Post Office address of RTG is: Box 305, Gambrills,  Maryland, 21054. The telephone number is 410-729-4011, and Dr. Freeman or Don Griffin may be contacted via e-mail at: joel@ReturnToGlory.org


Section 4.1. To educate those of African descent of God’s plan and provision for them and their critical role in the history of mankind; and to share with all people the importance of this message in promoting healing, unity, and cross-cultural understanding.

Section 4.2. Joel A. Freeman, Ph.D. and Don B. Griffin, MA, co-authored the book, Return To Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man. Response to the message contained in this book has been so great that they decided to create a non-profit organization that would serve as a vehicle for the powerful message of the book to be communicated through the mediums of film, video, DVD, CD-R, 4-CD audio book version, audio tape, additional literature and music.


The decision-making process will follow this course: 
1. The idea must come under the purpose statement of RTG. 
2. Don and Joel must be in full agreement regarding the idea after discussing it. 
3. NHF must agree that any of the financial expenditures regarding the implementation of the idea fall under RTG’s stated and documented purpose for existence. 
4. Because of geographical distance, Don and Joel will meet telephonically on a regular basis.


Section 6.1. Front End. Money donated to RTG is subject to between a 1.5% - 2.5% fee (depending upon amount given) to cover NHF administrative costs. NHF must agree that any of the financial expenditures fall under RTG’s stated and documented purpose for existence. The up front costs for making a film include fees for producing, directing, writing, editing, travel, equipment rental and other budgeted items. They are committed to the absolute lowest costs of everything, with at least three proposals before purchasing. Before purchasing they will exhaust donation options for the project.

Section 6.2. Back End. The film project is done. Money is required for promotional travel, advertising and other budgeted incidentals like the possible rental of some sites for premiere showings around the country. Destiny Image is the primary distributor of the RTG film. Urban Ministries, Inc. (UMI), Chicago, will also serve as one of the distributors of the video version, since their mission is to serve Black churches all over the world with educational materials for all ages. UMI currently serves thirty to forty thousand African American churches, with a state-of-the-art forty thousand square foot warehouse. There are a number of other regional and international distributors also interested in the non-exclusive distribution rights.

Since this is a not-for-profit, charity model, no individual can or will profit from revenues that may or may not come in from potential video rentals, distribution rights, broadcast rights, etc. and there are no guarantees that any money will be realized on this video/film project. 

Keeping that in mind, a percentage of “back end” money will go to fund future film projects with a similar message at the School of Cinema at Regent University. Students interested in film will earn the right to hone their skills and to give them work experience that will in turn help them become more marketable in the film industry.

The goal is to get a video copy into every educational institution (Middle School – College) in America. Five dollars per video covers the cost of manufacturing and postage. Large donations may be given to fund a special corporate-sponsored video edition (company logo on video sleeve) for specific target audiences to create good will. How can you help?

In August, 2002 Dr. Freeman and Producer/Director Steve Alston traveled to West Africa to collaborate on a 2nd project tentatively titled African Kings: A White Man's Journey Into the Past, Present and Future of African Kingdoms. Freeman and Alston were given unprecedented access to many African Kings . The recorded interviews with these Kings that can only be seen in this upcoming documentary. To be released in the first half of 2003, this film combines tribal dances and stunning photography while addressing the past, present and future perspectives of the African Kingdoms. This project serves as a sister project to the soon to be released "Return to Glory" documentary.

-- D o n a t i o n  O p t i o n s  f o r   R e t u r n  t o  G l o r y  f i l m

What folks are saying...A Prison Chaplain from the Indian Creek Correctional Facility in Chesapeake, VA recently reported, "Last week we showed the film to approximately 350 inmates (Christians, Muslims, atheists, Blacks, Whites and Hispanics). Normally, when we do something like this with this many in attendance, there is a lot of talking and shuffling about. We work with these guys every week and we know how tough many of them are to reach. But while the film was being shown we were amazed because there was absolute silence in the entire auditorium for 45 minutes. You could have heard a pin drop. When the film was finished the entire group spontaneously stood up with a standing ovation. I saw a few with tears in their eyes. I have never seen anything quite like this before. In this prison I deal with a few men who are philosophers and thinkers. They love to debate everything. After seeing the film, they told me that they were blown away by the message of this film. They want a copy of the film for their library. I am sure that it will be watched many times. Based upon this single experience, I am confident that this Return To Glory film will have a positive impact in every prison across America."

An educator stated, "...it fills a void in knowledge for all. The film was very accurate with the history and everyone can learn something, regardless...very inspirational."

Through the Return To Glory Foundation Don and Joel are continuing to raise the funds necessary to donate a special edition of the DVD version of the film (with uncut interviews, music videos from DC Talk, Lil' iROCC, NAS and more) to every juvenile detention center, prison and school (Middle, Junior High, Senior High, College, University) in America. This is an ongoing project...

We welcome your financial help with this ambitious project, which includes plans to raise the funds necessary to distribute over 100,000 French, English and Portuguese copies of the PAL video version of the film throughout the continent of Africa, parts of Europe, Brazil, Haiti and the Caribbean. Contact Freeman and Griffin with your creative fund raising ideas.

How You Can Participate In This Project?

1. Send a generous, tax deductible check or money order to:

Return to Glory
Attention: Film Project
Box 305
Gambrills, MD 21054

2. Because of the ongoing impact of the message of this film, your church can select Return To Glory to be a part of its "Mission's Budget". The money donated will help to distribute the special "not-for-resale" DVD version of the film to schools and prisons across America and/or across Africa. 

3. Perhaps you can host an area-wide screening of the film, inviting a number of pastors and leaders to attend a screening at your church. You can encourage a number of churches to make Return To Glory a part of their annual "Mission's Budgets". A wonderful by-product springing from this type of screening -- the film can also serve as a tool for cross-cultural understanding and dialogue when various churches come together for such a purpose.

4. Your company/organization/family/sorority/fraternity/club can commit to making a monthly or yearly donation.

5. Ask some neighbors, co-workers and friends to come over to your home for a private screening of the film. See if they are willing to help with their prayers and financial support.

6. Make a contribution in memory of or in honor of someone dear to you. Please indicate a name and address of the individual to whom an acknowledgement can be sent if you would like the Return To Glory Foundation to do so. Dollar amounts are not included in the letters of acknowledgement.

7. Don Griffin and Joel Freeman are available to attend (schedule permitting) a limited number of regional film screenings (may be viewed as fund raising events). Contact them if you have some creative ideas you are confident can be implemented. Don or Joel can attend, making some remarks after the screening and then fielding some questions.

8. Donate by credit card:


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"Truth and morning become light with time." -- Ethiopian Proverb


Return To Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man

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