Nigerian Frauds
"S C A M   C E N T R A L"

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Check out 419 Scam Central Home Page

Return To Glory: The Powerful Stirring of the Black Man

Forward a copy of a 419 letter to The Freeman Institute. We just might list it here in attempt to warn others. Tell us your story.

Courtesy of The Freeman Institute

Message Groups

I have been looking all over the web and I am not finding anything on this. I thought maybe it was a fluke, but now a lady from one of my message groups had the same experience to a worse degree and it is time that this is brought to the forefront.  Let me tell you my story.

On January 19th, I got an instant message from a guy that found me on Yahoo Personals.  Not unusual to hear from a new person this way.  To make a long story short, he began to romance me.  He told me that he was born in the UK, lived in Arizona and was currently working a job in Nigeria.  I laughed and said, oh don't tell me that this is one of those Nigerian 419 scams and you are going to ask for money.  He laughed about it and said no.  He sent me pictures of a very nice looking English man and another of an older woman with a dog.  All looked nice a proper.  I was a little leery about the way that he worded some things, they just seemed a little off.

Anyway, the romance was on.  He quoted poetry, told me all kinds of wonderful things.  He told me that his job would end there in a couple of months and that he would then come to see me.  I asked him what then, and he said that we would get married.  I kept telling him that it would be nice to meet and know each other and he told me that he knew my heart and it would happen.  I could go on and on.  At one point he said that he could not wait for a couple months and that he was going to take a holiday to come and see me.  Problem was that he was having trouble cashing checks.  Could I do that
for him and when he got there we would go to his bank and he would get me the money.  I told him if that was the case that I could wait the couple of months since I did not have any money at all.  He laughed and said you think that I was trying to get you to send me money, I was just kidding.

On went the romancing.  Then came the phone call.  It was at 2 AM, and I almost got sick to my stomach when I heard his voice.  This was not the voice of a proper Englishman, it was the voice of a black Nigerian man.  I have a dear friend who is employed by my company to do phone work, and he is originally from Nigeria, so I know the accent well.  He asked why I did not sound excited to talk to him and I said that it was because he did not sound the way that he should.  He told me that he had a cold and that living with these people he picked up the accent.  The call did not last very long.


I talked to him on line the next day and told him that I knew that everything that he told me was a lie.  He denied everything over and over, telling me that I needed to trust him.  I had a girlfriend Instant Message him out of the blue and start talking to him.  She told him that she was looking for a black man and she was having a hard time finding one that she liked.  He told her that he was a handsome black man from Lagos Nigeria. She sent me copies of the conversation and I sent them to him.  He did not know what to do.  I kept bugging him about why he told me such lies and he refused to talk to me.  Every so often I pop in on him and let him know that he will pay for playing those kinds of games.  Now after I have heard the story of this other lady, I have decided that it is time to report this guy to Yahoo.

The lady on my message group had very much the same thing happen.  Except that he told her that the job had ended and he was trying to cash the money orders that he was paid with and was having trouble.  He asked her to cash them at her bank.  She did and sent him the money Western Union.  He then sent her more money orders and when she went to cash those they were determined to be fraudulent.  The bank that she cashed them at have now taken all of the funds out of her account to cover the initial money orders. She still owes them over $800.00 and though they understand that she was a victim of a scam, they are still looking to her for restitution.

Someone needs to be telling the ladies of the world that this scam is happening.  I am wondering how many other ladies are being scammed this way and are too afraid and embarrassed to say anything.  I am going to report this to Yahoo personals and any of the other dating sites that I use.  I think that the word needs to get out for women to beware.  Thanks for listening.

Best Regards,

Most probably a man posing as a woman. Mmmm, yummy...

Lovely Kiss: I am so happy for your health may almighty God be with you by understanding this message. I want to tell you that I really want to been relationship with you. Though we've not met before now but it take one thing for two to be together in unity and peaceful life, which I will like to confide in you and also visit you as soon as possible. I'm julet buba Address: Avenue 5 lot 175 Cocody Quaters Abidjan, Coted'Ivoire West Africa.

I am 20 years old . I weigh 56kg, I lost my parent, and I have an inheritance from my late Father. My father was an Exporter and Importer in my country my late father deposited the sum $9.6million us dollar in bank in bank of africa. Before his death he told me that I should looking for a trustworlthy man or woman that will help me to transfer the money to his country for investment, I will like you to help me to transfer this money in your account for investment. Then I will prepare to come over to your country we can live as family there then I continue my education. My type of ideal man must be the honest type, caring, loving and forgiving as a devoted Christian.

I do hate deceit and cheating in all its ramifications. I do not like a man that goes after everything in skirt. I detest alcoholics For my hobbies: I love listening to good music, reading of newspapers and magazines, good novels, watching adventure films, swimming, table tennis and indoor games. I love going to holidays. Age: Our difference in age means nothing to me as long as you love and remain faithful to me. This is my word. Language: I can speak and write the English, French and my native tongues fluently.

Education: I am ungraduate of just a secondery school out. I was born and bred a Methodist. I was baptized so many years and I am a confirmed member. I take my holy communion also. I am a full fledged member of the church founded by Wesley brothers the great singers. I will like to know more about you. I need to know more about your love life. Your hobbies ? Feel free to ask any question that agitates your mind because I want us to build a solid lationship with all my heart and transfer this money into your bank acount then I will come to stay with you.

I we want to speak with you on phone so you will forward your numbers and fax to me. I will scan my picture to you later as we don't have enough conexion here.

You are my lovely One, Julet

Posing as an American soldier

Dear Friend,
My name is, Major. Jeffrey Burton and i represent a faction of American Soldiers, serving in the military of the 1st Armoured Division in Iraq, we came across your e-mail address(s) in the process of research and enquiry into an immense millitary global data base. I believe you are familiar with the war situation in Iraq? Besides the killings, a lot of activities do occur; sales of antiques, discovery of stocked foreign cash and lots  more. We are lucratively involved in these activities. Consequently, we require a trustworthy, upright and business minded person for safe keeping of a consignment outside the Iraqi state. You might have an insight through; and details will be sent upon signal of interest. Our contact email ;  Thanks for your co-operation asjb1160. signed, Major. J. Burton

Purchasing items. Paying with a bogus credit card.
Hoping that you send the items before discovering that the credit card is a fake.

Hello sir / maam,

 Good day this is DDN store inc we are intrested in buying some product expecially wedding invitation card from your store to our store here, but before i proceed in forwarding you the item needed, i will like to know if you accept credit card for the payment and if you can ship to our store here in nigeria,
we are awaiting your quick response so we can proceed with this trasaction.
Best wishes
DDN store inc
Don capon

Another one ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Hello Sales,
I am a Business Woman based in South Africa and I have customers round the Globe Recently my client in Nigeria needs this product shipped to him. Please I will be making payment with my credit card details.

I will await your total cost on the goods listed and i will also need it shipped via DHL,EMS 3-5 days delivery
Kindest regards,

Care For Africa Project

Obviously, this may somewhat arouse some kind of surprise and suspicion considering my means of communication. I earlier mailed you through the Post Office but it returned undelivered, so I decided to email you since it is cheaper and faster.
I am Ron Overs, a Compensation Claim Facilitator in London, United Kingdom with specialty in Oil and Gas Industry of Africa. I have sojourned in prominent oil producing areas of the Caribbean and have been instrumental in facilitating compensations for indigenous oil communities resulting from crude oil exploration leading to spillage and pollution. Compensations were sought in accordance to the Civil Liability Convention of the International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund.
Recently, I have been working on a project of mine called Care for Africa Project (CAP). This, I hope to establish as a foundation with operational headquarters in your country. It is aimed to combat the dreaded HIV/Aids in Africa and fight poverty. The initial capital needed for its establishment is expected from a gratification for my facilitating effort to the oil producing communities. This fund I wish to invest into Real Estate/Property Development in your country with its returns for financing the operations of CAP.
The Compensated Community  has mandated me, being their Claim Facilitator to help nominate a foreigner to process the remaining SDR Claim, payable by bank wire/transfer.  I am reaching you to help serve as nominee for the fund because my work ethics as a Compensation Claim Facilitator (CCF) as regulated by the International Oil Pollution Compensation Fund forbids me from receiving any form of gratification in the course of my facilitating role. This fund is due from the Sub Saharan Africa and it is presently awaiting claim. If you are interested to be my partner in bringing this vision to fruition, I will put you through the claim procedure successfully. Upon claim approval, funds will be wired out to a trust account we shall both establish in your country for the purpose of investment and financing humanitarian projects identified by CAP or developed by it. I am willing to offer you 10% of the fund on completion of fund movement while the 90% will be invested on your advice! .
However, I require that you forward to me by fax or email the following:
- A formal letter of acceptance (to be written on your business letter paper)
- Copy of your photo identification.
- An executive project summary for my review. (If you have one already, if you do not, let me know what your investment plans are).
You will agree with me that there is great need to bridge the gap between the under privileged Africa and developed countries of the world in this new global age challenges. Kindly email me at or fax me on +44-87-0912-5910
Ron Overs
London, United Kingdom  Tel/Fax: +447092317681  Fax: +448709125910

Cell Phones Galore!


Dear Sir,
We are contacting you as a reputable gsm phones manufacturers representatives and major distributors in the world. we do have large quantities of  new phones all in good conditions. They are all unlocked and sim free with complete accessaries. For every 10 you buy we shall give you 1 free. Here are our prices and models:

nextel i860 '''us$130.00
nextel i95cl''''us$34.00
nextel i88s''''us$9.00
nextel i90c'''us$14.00
nextel i60c''us$26.00
nextel i55sr'''us$19.00
nextel i2000plus'''us$8.00
nextel i730''''us$28.00
nextel i830''''us$62.00
nextel i930''''us$105.00
nextel i736''''us$29.00

ERICSSON R380 WORLD''' us$7.50
ericsson T68i '''''us$39.00
ERICSSON T200'''''us$10.00
ERICSSON T-300'''''us$12.00
ERICSSON T-600'''''us$49.00
SONY ERICSSON Z600''''us$130.00
SONY ERICSSON T28 ''''us$30.00
SONY ERICSSON R600''''US$10.00
SONY ERICSSON T100''''US$25.00
SONY ERICSSON T300''''US$30.00
SONY ERICSSON T68i''''us$20.00
SONY ERICSSON P800''''US$140.00
SONY ERICSSON P900''''US$210.00
SONY ERICSSON T610''''US$65.00
SONY ERICSSON p910''''us$250.00
SONY ERICSSON Z600''''US$105.00
SONY ERICSSON T310''''US$42.00
SONY ERICSSON T10s''''us$8.00
SONY ERICSSON T600''''us$68.00
SONY ERICSSON R380s''''us$50.00
Sony Ericsson T637''''us$43.00 
SONY ERICSSON T630''''us$100.00
SONY ERICSSON Z200''''us$110.00
SONY ERICSSON K500i''''us$95.00
SONY ERICSSON K700''''us$135.00
SONY ERICSSON Z1010''''us$250.00
SONY ! ! ERICSSON S700''''us$240.00
SONY ERICSSON V800''''us$425.00

seimens s40''us$8.00
seimens c150 ''''us$9.00
seimens sl45i ''''us$30.00
seimens s57''''us$39.00
seimens s55''''us$69.00
semense sl65''''us$215 c/f
T-Mobile Sidekick II '''us$90.00
Panasonic X70 ''''us$110.00
palmOne Treo 600 ''''us$200.00
palmOne Treo 600 PDA'''us$210.00
RIM BlackBerry 7230 ''''$110.00
CDM8600 Cell Phone $95.00 [C/F].

nokia 3310'''us$10.00
nokia 3315'''us$20.00
nokia 8210'''us$25.00
nokia 8250'''us$39.00
nokia 8310'''us$60.00
nokia 6310i'''us$79.00
nokia 7210'''us$99.00
nokia 6610'''us$109.00
nokia 8855'''us$70.00
nokia 7650'''us$99.00
nokia 8910'''us$137.00
nokia 9210'''u! s$99.00
nokia 2100'''us$10.00
nokia 3100'''us$25.00
nokia 6600'''us$125.00
nokia 3590'''us$19.00
nokia 9290'''us$69.00
nokia 3650'''us$105.00
nokia 5185'''us$26.00
nokia 3360'''us$22.00
nokia 3660'''US$109.00
nokia 3200'''US$30.00
nokia N-GAGE'''US$84.00
nokia 6820'''''US$139.00
nokia 6220'''''US$110.00
nokia 7250i'''us$90.00
nokia 6108''''us$60.00
nokia 6100''''us$39.00
nokia 7200''''us$130.00
nokia 6230''''us! $105.00
nokia 7610''''US$134.00
nokia 7600''''US$120.00

motorola t2288''''us$11.00
motorola t250''''us$10.00
motorola startac 328''''us$12.00
motorola t190''''us$9.00
motorola t260''''us$17.00
motorola 280''''us$17.00
motorola startac  v50''''us$29.00
motorola v66''''us$36.00
motorola v60i''''us$39.00
motorola v70''''us$44.00
motorola T721'''US$10.00
motorola i20c'''us$9.00
Motorola RAZR V3'''us$150.00
Motorola V505 '''us$50.00
Motorola V551'''us$55.00
Motorola V300'''us$55.35
Motorola V600'''us$120.00
Motorola st3000 vib''''us$40.00
Motorola t8090'''us$35.00
Motorola MPx200'''us$100.00

samsung s105'''us$9.00
samsung v205''! ''us$60.00
samsung R225'''''us$10.00
samsung a460'''''us$29.00
samsung n400'''''us$39.00
samsung a500'''''us$89.00
samsung 1330'''''us$120.00
samsung e700'''''us$50.00
samsung t200'''''us$65.00
samsung E105''''US$39.00
samsung E715''''''US$109.00
samsung 426'''''''US$17.00
samsung I500''''''US$69.00
samsung E700A'''''US$68.00
samsung VGA1000''''US$39.00
samsung X105'''''''US$10.00
samsung V206'''''! ''US$49.00
samsung 1660'''''''US$29.00
samsung i330'''''''us$32.00
samsung v200'''''''us$49.00
Samsung E316'''''''us$45.00 
Samsung D500'''''''us$250.00
Samsung D410'''''''us$120.00

We ship through courier services direct to your doorstep. you can call us on:+234-8033334780 or send me an email as we will be happy to answer you soonest. We look forward to doing good business with you. Thanks,  MR.FRANCIS OGBO

Group Hotel Reservation Scam

Warning! - Checks for hotel group reservation- 419 scams

419 Advance Fee Scammers have found a new target for their check scam.

They make group reservations at 4-5 star first class hotels ask for the payment details of the hotel and send a check about a month before the date of the reservation.

The general idea is that they send a check for about 20 thousand dollars which will be about 8 thousand more then the charges for the reservation and ask the hotel groups reservation manager to send the difference back, minus a small bonus for the manager

We have noticed some scammers to be very successful in the past two months. They are making the reservations with hotels on all continents. For the moment we only notice this type of  419 scam coming from Europe (Amsterdam, London, Edinburgh) with help from Nigeria

We have identified this scam in an early stage and expect that it will be successful for at least until the end of November this year.

Ultrascan Advanced Global Investigations


"Art Dealer" Looking For Someone To Process Money. Hmmmmm...

My name is Dayo Adams and I am an artist.I live in Netherland,with my two kids, four cats, one dog and the love of my life. It is definitely a full house. I have been doing artwork since I was a small child. That gives me about 23 years of experience. I majored in art in high school and took a few college art courses. Most of my work is done in either pencil or airbrush mixed with color pencils. I have recently added designing and creating artwork on the computer.I have been selling my art for the last 3 years and have had my work featured on trading cards, prints and in magazines.I have sold in galleries and to private collectors from all around the world.I am always facing serious difficulties when it comes to selling my art works to Americans,they are always offering to pay with a US POSTAL MONEY ORDER,which is difficult for me to cash here in Netherland.

I am looking for a representative in the states who will be working for me as a partime worker and i will be willing to pay %10 for every transaction,which wouldnt affect ur present state of work,someone who would help me recieve payments from my customers in the states.i mean someone that is responsible and reliable,cause the cost of coming to the state and getting payments is very expensive,i am working on setting up a branch in the state,so for now i need a representative in the united state who will be handling the payment aspect.

These payments are in money order and they would come to you in your name, so all you need do is cash the money order deduct your percentage and wire the rest back.

But the problem i have is trust,But i have my way of getting anyone that gets away with our money,i mean the FBI branch in Washington gets involve.
It wouldnt cost u any amount,u are to receive payments which will be sent to u by fedex or usps from my business patners, which would come in form of a money order then u are to cash it and send the cash to me via western union money transfer all western union charges will be deducted from the money.

If you are interested, please get back to me as soon as possible.

Dayo Adams

Got a film you want produced in Africa? Sure...

ATTENTION: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Mr. xxxxxxx,
Our Group Chairman, Mr. R.J. Bachmann  financed the feature film  :
MANDELA in 1997.

W e are seeking a well experienced Film Producers and directors with viable film projects to invest in. We shall be fully responsible for African distribution and African rights of any film we finance. Mr. R. J. Bachmann is a German Jew who is mining Gold and Diamond here in Ghana. We also have another company Director Mr. Charles Taylor former Liberian President who is also a financing partner in our company.

We have a total amount of about eight hundred million dollars that has been designated for investment in producing movies, buying movie rights for distribution in Africa, setting up of sound studio, with production and post production facility in Ghana. Please kindly foward your resume and a short write-up about your film and self if you believe that you need financing to Produce your film or if you you have a film to sell to our group.

Yours Faithfully,
TEL: 233-244-184-228

Give some money to help with Siamese Twins


                                                                                                      Insight Bible Church. 
                                                                                                      5 Maddex Street,
                                                                                                      Off MA Jinnah,
                                                                                                      RG24 8PW. UK.
Dearest brethren in Christ, I am pastor Joel Kennedy. Insight Bible Church in London. On one of my program in Africa/Nigeria, Theme: Empowering Men With Insight For Excellence" I came across a miraculous work of God. I saw "two babies joined together from lower abdomen. They were born premature and under the care of Doctor. This I have not seen in my entire life, the most surprise thing is that they are alive and their mother also alive but still in pains of the surgery she went through for the babies. I wonder how they are able to stay alive till date. It was a miraculous work of God.

After the crusade, I came back to London and the Lord review to me in revelation. God spoke about those children which I saw in Nigeria and He said those "babies are special babies" and God also instructed me to reach out to all Churches and individuals for this life saving offering for the children. He live in the Children and every penny you give stand as a collateral for your breakthrough in business, in life, in everything you ever ask from God and also stand for your set free from Sickness in your entire life and He will bless you abundantly. says the Lord. This is the question God has asked me to ask you all brethren in Christ. If He was to open the door of heaven and ask you brethren to give him the Lord all you belongings wouldn't you have given Him all your have?
So brothers and sisters in Christ, this is what the Lord has asked me to tell you. so please don't let it came to you as a sounding gyms, let's give as much as we can to save the lives of these wonderful children of God.We are not taxing you for certian amouth but from what you have send across to the use for surgery they are undertking. They are placed under a solid able care of the same Doctor with the help of few individuals support whom God has touched their heart to help the babies to this stage. We can do likewise so that they can undergo for medical surgery that will cost eight thousand Dollars ($8, 000.00) There after they can be free individuals like we are. Please note that the donations are not going to the few individuals or the father of the children. But to save the lives of the little babies.

For confirmation of this appeal, call me on this number +447031904297 or send am e-mail to us

Yours  in same vineyard (Christ Body)
Pastor Joel Kennedy.                                                          Contact for Nigeria:
Insight Bible Church.                                                           Pastor Gabriel Otoboyor London,                                                                            New Creation Bible Church,
Tel:+447031904297,7031911170                                        14 Plymout Road,                                                            Benin city,
                                                                                       Edo state,

Please, Verification (a call or an e-mail) should be made before sending your donation. And for a faster means, all donations should be made through Western Union Money Transfer to the Pastor (Pastor Gabriel Otoboyor) with the above contact address.
Below is the photography of the babies


Love Connection?

I was taken in my a Nigerian scam. I want to post this letter with all the information I could gather on this individual so that no one else would fall for the same scam as I did, I was scammed in a slightly different manner, but  while checking all this out (being cautious) Thank God, & always suspicious, that I am, I started checking this person out, even thought he was writing me Love Letters that would melt anyone's heart.  But, I met this widower, on a dating site, & his ID name there was valeriestuckss and said he is 47 years old, his name is Richard Geograd 104 Erin Ave. Brisbane,Pa.16620  (address in the US he gave me) said he just move there from Lancaster, Pa, & that he moved because he had lost his wife, only child, & father, all in a terrible accident 10 years ago (never said how) & that he was an Artist, & had gone to Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria 23401 staying at a hotel on the Island at 103 Lewis Street, was there for an Art Show, & was coming home as soon as his art pieces sold, he closed his profile on the site the day we met, & started emailing me & using Yahoo IM all day everyday, the day his art pieces were shown they all sold, & he was coming back to the states the next day, he was going to buy a ticket to meet me in Texas. 

The night he was going home from the sale, (with all the money he made from selling his art) he said he was hit over the head & robbed.& that he was planning to buy his ticket to come to me in Tex. the next day. 1I told him to go to the US Embassy for help, then he said that he couldn't because he wasn't a US citizen???? I don't understand that one, he said his mother was British & dad was Portuguese so he was not a US Citizen, ??? still don't understand because he had always lived in the US. Then he said that he could not get any money out of his bank in Pa. & He didn't have anybody to contact to help send him money to get him a plane ticket back home. So he asked me if I could send him a $1,000. so that he could buy a ticket, & I told him I didn't have that kind of money, then he asked if I could at least send him $300 so he could at least afford to eat. Well, I didn't do that either. Then he said he had some money orders but they would not except them in Nigeria, so he would make them out to me & mail them to me, & I could deposit them in my acct. & then use my ATM & get cash & send him back the cash Western Union so he would get it faster, (because he wanted to be with me so bad) Yeah Right!

He even went as far as to explain, that I could not send too much money in one Western Union payment so I would have to divide it up into several. He (as of today 2/5/06) still swears that (they are in the mail) (but they'll be fraudulent) that he mailed them from the Post Office on 1/23/06, but I still have not received them. But since then out of the Blue, I received a FedEx Letter from someone I had never heard of, name William Tanke written on a Bank of America Bank Account out of Hollywood Ca. on a Company named NETDROPSHIPPER, INC  2857 East Pico Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90023, when I got it I asked him & he told me the mans name that was the signer & that was it, & he told me that this man was a customer of his & owed him money, so to pay him, he just had him make the check out to me, so that I could take it & deposit it & send him to cash Western Union, well I couldn't cash it at my bank, and we just happened to have A Bank of America right across the street so I went over there to see if they could verify that this was a legitimate acct. And they looked it up by acct # & Name & it was a legitimate acct. but there was not enough funds in the acct. to cover the amt. of the check.

The check was for $3,780.00, & was written on 2/1/06 & FedEx so since I got it the very next day they said that there could have been a deposit they had been made that had not shown up yet, so to come back & check the next day. But I have not returned yet. I still have the check, I don't know how I or the bank could tell if it is real or not, if there is money in the acct.???? So I immediately wrote him back & told him that whoever this person is sent me a hot check & that I still didn't have any money to send him Western Union.

The only thing I know is that I never sent ANYTHING from my bank acct., he does not know what the name of my bank is or my acct info. & I never sent any kind of money to him by Western Union or any other way, the only thing I worry about is that he does know my real name & where I live.& email address & I don't know what all he can do with that or if he even would bother if he really is in Nigeria, maybe he would just realize I found him out & move on & leave me alone, I just wanted to warn others of the Company this check was written on, has all kinds of complaints filed all over the net, & on against them, but I also want them to know about this very handsome man on dating sites that is really a smooth talker, named Richard Geograd, 47 says he's an Artist, email is & richdec4th on yahoo IM also has an email that is  Thank you for reading & I hope that this will help someone else from falling for scams on dating sites, Scams ARE EVERYWHERE. 

Another Love Connection?

I want to help someone that might not notice this one particular scam as I did at the end.

I have been on Have had contact with this person. Svenson Hindsay or Rafael Edman Hindsay Moore, which ever he decides to be. We have chatted on yahoo messenger and he stated that he lives in Colorado and deals with jewelry overseas. Then he told me he had a trip planned to Africa to buy a shipment of diamonds.

He supposedly left the 14th of June. We stayed in contact through email and yahoo messenger. He then told me he was coming to see me after he was done with his business trip. All the time writing me that he loved me and he would do anything for me. He did give me his phone number of the mobile that he was borrowing from the manager of the hotel. He stated also that he was staying at the EKO hotel in Lagos, Nigeria. The phone # is +2348074043461. 

His trip was suppose to end on the 26th of June to Africa and come to see me. On the 24th of June, he stated that his shipment of jewels has partially gone off into the ocean, and that he would have to come up with 30,000₤ to get scuba divers to recover the damaged jewels. Then he proceeded to ask me for help. If I could help him with the money. Even if it was a little or $5,000. He was very persistent on getting the money.

I feel this might be a new money scam that is starting. And would like to protect other women that might fall to this kind of prey. 



Not much. We don't want to sound fatalistic, but the reality is that the scam artists hide behind untraceable email addresses, sending their scam letters from pay-by-the-hour Internet Cafes. The governments of Africa are generally in a survival mode, with little interest in dealing with some Internet scam artist in a local village. There are always bigger fish to fry. 

Plus we have actually talked with West African government and business officials about their perception of these 419 scams. They have expressed amazement that anyone could be fooled by the  empty promises contained in emails from a stranger in Africa. In their eyes, the culpability goes both ways. "Who could be such a fool to give money to someone they have never met?" This is a valid question for all of us to ponder...

What we have done at The Freeman Institute is to provide a free service to warn individuals who may be flirting with the idea of great wealth coming their way. Our motto is: Run, don't walk, away from these scams and then do what you can to warn people about this pervasive problem. Feel free to provide a link to -- so that more people can see the truth about these 419 scams.


For hard numbers, the Australian Institute of Criminology article and the US Dept. of State pub. 10465 will prepare you better than this site will. Really good backgrounders. From these you will get an idea of the scope of this scam. There are already inter-governmental relationships established over this issue.


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